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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Italian wife can be a great big asset especially when she wins 400000 in one single bet

Donna Salerno (name changed) is a loose canon Nazi moderator of an online forum. Donna has that magical Italian curvy body that can relax even the most tensed man in the world. She has that explosive look, addictive smile and the perfect dimples.

Donna is a stunner who is always dressed very smart, it is no surprise to her husband that she wears something sensual and unusual underneath her smart appearance. Each night of his is a good one. Donna is a sexually devoted lady that enjoys life and all the pleasures the life brings in. Her lips and kisses are just pure fire. She plays amazingly well with her tip of tongue.

I had the privilege of meeting Donna once, she offered me a refreshment, we conversed over a glass of wine. It was very hard to stay concentrated with what she was wearing. She is one fine damsel. Her refined outward appearance belies her inner private passions.

Donna never smoked in her life and she can’t stand the smokers.

It takes Donna’s husband one hour to come home back from the office and throughout his way from office to home, he massages his lingam with baby oil as told by Mantak Chia. He does it in order to make Donna satiate fully during their passionate encounter which he successfully does it each time. Donna’s husband starts the lingam massage as a gentle and soothing something providing caressing stimulation and then he adjusts the applied pressure into his preferred level of sensitivity which he keeps a check on in order that it doesn’t become ‘too’ sensitive.

Did I forget tot ell you that Donna won bets worth 400, 000 USD last month in the game of domino qui qui?

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