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Calling a Porsche dealership with a cockney accent can be a bad idea

When Sally Draper (name changed) called a Porsche dealership last month to inquire the prices of a brand new top model of Porsche Macan, the guy on the phone took Sally for granted thinking that she is just a prank caller after hearing her cockney accent. He asked Sally’s full name and when she said Sally Draper he deliberately acted like he heard Sally D’Angelo (a cougar pornstar). Sally knew that he was taking her for a ride and to teach him a lesson Sally hired a limousine to go to the same showroom after inquiring what time he would be there.

When Sally reached there, he was amazed that such an ugly-looking woman was wearing Prada clothes, perfume and came in a limo. Sally bought the Macan instantly in blue color which was readily available and drove it home.

Yes, Sally belongs to one of the bottom 10% family of the United States but she is rich now, thanks to FIFA55. Sally was tired of working 9-5 jobs all her life (which she was too often kicked out of) and she wanted to get rich quick no matter what it took. Sally had no investment, no connections, she couldn’t become a trophy wife because she is ugly, they wouldn’t even shoot her in a porn movie because she is ugly, she didn’t know how but all she knew was that he wanted to make a lot of money instantly and the law of attraction really worked. Sally typed a couple of random words on Google after getting tired of searching ‘ways to make a lot of money online’ on Google itself. The random words were¬†domain edesormes. From there on Sally discovered FIFA55 gambling and the rest is history. She started with mere $175 and kept winning bets upon bets until she turned it into a million and bought her dream car – a Porsche Macan. Yes, Sally used to be far away from dreaming about Bentley and/or Rolls Royce but she is now dreaming about buying a Range Rover LWB after earning 20 million dollars with the same method.

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