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Ex-automotive customer service advisor made a trip to India with FIFA55 money

Gisse Borde (name changed) has a wonderful trait of attention to detail. She has a lot of skills required for a good businessperson but lack a few of the most important as well which she says that she will soon be an expert at. Gisse has been working on those skills ever since she acknowledged that she is not good at those.

Gisse used to work as an automotive customer service advisor at a Sears Auto Center in Massachusetts but it was too hard for Gisse to go along with a fixed schedule, she loves a flexible schedule and nothing other than a flexible schedule would do it for her.

Gisse recently made a trip to India with the money that she won betting at FIFA55 which she learnt about through a blog called do jo.

Gisse hated India with the core of her heart. She came back and made a post on one of the Indian forums titled “India is, was and will ever be a slave country”. Within her post, she also mentioned that all the Indians who are moving to the developed European countries are some of the smartest people in India. She also made a statement that “the Indians who have already moved to the US or Europe should transform their lineage with marrying local white people so that their progeny doesn’t suffer from racism.”

Gisse traveled in many taxis in India. Without exception, she found each taxi driver staring at her through the mirror which she found offensive, weird and scary. She was scared of getting raped there all the time. Dirt and filth was everywhere there in India.

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