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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Credit risk insurer loves to play FIFA55 in her spare time

Vickie Vella (name changed) owns a credit risk insurance company that came into existence last year. Vickie has been attracting more clients than ever before since she started going to the business seminars and workshops.

One of Vickie’s half-brothers was recently proved guilty of suffocating his girlfriend. Vickie never liked the guy but her eyes were filled with tears when she heard the verdict of the court. He even tried to bribe the jury and a few other officials thinking that the authorities will look the other way if he does so, unfortunately it only resulted in the extension of his punishment. He knew that he was going to be imprisoned for a long duration and that’s why he kissed his mother goodnight for the first time in his life and talked very politely with his half-siblings for the first time. It was his mother who became the witness in his case. She heard the sounds of the poor girl being murdered.

This sibling of Vickie owns a wrapper manufacturing company whose ownership he has already passed on to his mother who has no business experience at all. His mother has fixed a deal with Vickie that she will give her 50% of the ownership if she agrees manages the company which Vickie has agreed upon.

Vickie is desperately looking for a life-partner, she enjoys dating handsome gentlemen at least 5 years above her age. Whenever she goes out for a date, she dresses up in a way to reveal more than she hides. In other words, she is dressed yet naked on a date. Vickie loves to gamble online and she is a regular contributor to several online gambling blogs. Link Kick and Domaine desĀ ormes do not allow outside contributors though.

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