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Ace sharpshooter sister and supermodel brother love to bet on FIFA55

Kelly Fabien (name changed) is an ace sharpshooter from Aalborg, Denmark. Kelly’s one and only sister is even a better shooter than herself. This sister of Kelly won a gold medal in the 18th Commonwealth games in Melbourne, Australia on March 17, 2006.

Kelly believes that the science of love-making is a lot more vast and profound than an average Joe thinks or believes. She also says that the acceptance and popularity of the LGBT movement has made the world a better and more peaceful place.

Kelly has a fan club dedicated to herself on Twitter with only 3 followers. I checked the profiles of all those 3 followers and they follow just each and every good-looking lady no matter whether they know about a thing or not about her. I do not understand why would someone follow her fan club, she is not a model, not an educationist, or anything, she is just a school teacher who believes that she is too hot for a teacher.

Kelly believes that her brother – Christopher is the most handsome man in all of Denmark. Once when Kelly was shopping along with Christopher on her side, most of the women would shy away after getting a glimpse of Christopher, they would start looking around with a red face or start playing with their hair. There is no doubt that Christopher is a great looking guy but I am not ready to believe that he is the best looking guy in all of Denmark. Denmark has a population of about 6 million people and Danish men are considered some of the best looking in the entire world.

Anyways, Christopher and Kelly have many hobbies in common with the most prominent being online gambling. Their favorite online gambling website is FIFA55. Christopher discovered FIFA55 while he was learning Thai language with reading random blogs and suddenly fix it center popped up which was full of posts related to FIFA55. Christopher told about FIFA55 to Kelly and since then both the brother and sister have been betting on FIFA55 and winning constantly, bets upon bets.

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