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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Ambitious 28 year old Irish man loves betting online when his wife is not around

Barney Astruc (name changed) is a 28 year old man who believes that he has already learnt all the key lessons of life. Barney hates all the pagan religions of the world including Hinduism and he hates the eastern philosophy by the core of his heart, body, mind and soul.

Barney has been eyeing a mansion in the town of Sligo which has hundreds of small rooms. The mansion is spread in 11 acres and Barney keeps thinking about it day and night and says that he will buy it by the end of the year 2020.

One of the things that Barney considers as one of the greatest lessons that he learnt with his experience over the years is that dumb people are exceptionally intelligent at some peculiar things. He says that they have a natural talent in some rare forms which is unbeatable and that’s why he keeps looking for those people to recruit them in his company.

Last year, Barney got married to his high school sweetheart – Dakota. They both were like 2 peas in a pod when in school and even after that. Neither of them could find someone with whom they could share a bond like they do with each other. Looking at the current divorce rate in Ireland and the miserable life that couples live after their marriage, Barney and Dakota decided to marry each other.

Barney and Dakota love to read. Barney’s most favorite book of all times is ’48 laws of power’ by Robert Greene while that of Dakota is ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat.

Barney used to be an online gambling freak before his marriage to Dakota. Dakota hates gambling, lotteries and all the related stuff and that’s why Barney never lets Dakota know that he still bets online. Barney speaks Thai fluently and Dakota doesn’t, when Barney has urges to gamble online and Dakota is around, he starts reading gambling blogs written in Thai language likeĀ ganbanyokuma.

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