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Estrogen levels are low but bank balance is high

Edwina Storm (name changed) is on an estrogen therapy because her estrogen levels were too low for her age. Edwina attributes her low estrogen levels to using weed as a sleep aid for years, smoking cigarettes and chewing nicotine gums for over a decade to lose weight, and using LSD and DMT in micro doses occasionally for anxiety. Due to having low estrogen levels, Edwina has also been experiencing a few mental issues. Edwina also doesn’t feel like interacting much with fellow humans anymore as she used to back in the day before she suffered from drastically low estrogen levels.

Edwina has always been interested in nootropics and  biohacking though her friends always discourage her from the same.

Edwina’s favorite time of the year is Halloween. She loves the weather of the Halloween season, the positive vibes everywhere, the enthusiasm of the people around.

Edwina has quit her job for a while due to her mild depression. She felt like committing suicide all the time while she was working with this mild depression.

Edwina is still fighting the nicotine, weed, LSD and DMT addiction in her dreams.

While Edwina is at her home full-time, not working, she has been planning to start a fund raising for breast cancer and substance abuse withdrawal. I personally think that it is a nice idea and she should go ahead with it.

Edwina is one of the very few women struggling with the NoFap lifestyle. Edwina was going well ahead in her journey of NoFap until she left working, she lies all day long in the bed and that triggers her to rub herself down there a lot. Edwina doesn’t have to worry about making money much as she has got the secret to make a bank. Edwina is an avid reader of gambling related blogs like gbfarmequipment. She is an online gambling pro and wins 8 out of 10 bets on an average, which is incredible.

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