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Flagstaff AZ girl wants to gift herself an Alfa Romeo Gulia on her upcoming birthday

Hadassah Caron (name changed) was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, if you know the name already, you may be aware of the fact that it snows a lot there. Hadassah has this peculiar quality of staying happy, calm and stable in both too good to be true and too bad to be true circumstances.

Hadassah has one and only brother whom we will call Solomon here. Solomon is a 27 year old virgin. Solomon is under-confident, socially anxious and under-productive guy. Hadassah has been telling him for years that getting women is not that hard and he must do something about losing his virginity. She even handed out the phone numbers of some escorts to him whom she discovered on Craigslist. The idiot instead of calling them, started wanking to their pictures until he got a bit sick and got rashes all over his body. Hadassah sometimes doubts that Solomon doesn’t want any other girl but her.

Hadassah currently drives a Ford Mustang GT but she wants to buy an Alfa Romeo Gulia on her upcoming birthday which is in June, 2019.

Hadassah defines herself politically as simply conservative. Hadassah hates the culture of political correctness and calls it just a little less harmful than the cancer itself. Hadassah believes that a capitalistic welfare state is the best political system ever discovered and she loves the fact that she was born in America. She is all for a social market economy. Hadassah is a great admirer of Slavoj Žižek and has read all of his books.

Hadassah is on that wild mode always when it comes to betting online, she has made bets over 200, 000 USD within the last 4 months on different FIFA55 gambling websites and she is one of the most frequent readers and commentators on blogs like jump in hostel.

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