Being an atheist is a blessing if you know how to take advantage of it like I do, I live my life to the fullest and so should you

Eleanor Abramson (name changed) is an Israeli Jew who claims that the Illuminati will take away the state of Israel from the Jewish people soon enough – hand it to the Palestinians and start all over again. Eleanor says that the Jews have now got addicted to living in the holy land and there is no way that they are going to compromise on their location anymore. Eleanor says that there will be a huge battle between the Jews and the Muslims afterwards and the only winners will be white Christians. Eleanor owns only one house in Haifa, Israel and the rest of her money she has invested in the United States and Europe.

Eleanor is an atheist Sephardi Jew who says that she has every right to not believe in the Jewish messiahs, patriarchs, prophets or matriarchs. Eleanor says that the notion that is widespread about the Jewish patriarch Solomon that he could talk to the animals is an utter lie. She says that he used to rather hallucinate due to the heavy drug use.

Eleanor accuses the Jewish patriarchs of lying to the common people that they talked to the god personally and they were the chosen ones among the chosen ones in order to keep continuing ruling over the masses. Eleanor denies the claim that Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 70+ when they gave birth to their first child – Isaac. About circumcision too, Eleanor has some bitter things to say, Eleanor claims that several African and Aboriginal tribes’s men have been circumcising themselves to enjoy more sexual pleasure and Abraham was told this by someone and he tried it and loved it. Eleanor accuses Abraham of lying to everyone that the god commanded him to circumcise himself.

Whatever the case maybe, I am not going to elaborate any further as it is now time for me to play some Net-Roulette Casino.

Devout catholic man only buys and drives Fiat cars to make the catholic community stronger

Annie Touru (name changed) says that she used to be a full-time paid positive commentator for Volvo cars, SUVs and station wagons before finding a goldmine called live draw Hongkong.

Annie always has some funny interesting tales to tell like she recently told me how nobody buys the songs written by her full-time songwriter devout catholic brother just because all her songs preach the glory of Jesus and Mary and he is not willing to delete Mary and Jesus from his songs no matter how annoying they may sound.

Annie also told me that just about 2 years ago, his brother couldn’t even pronounce his email address. Annie says that she has seen 80 year old that are more internet and tech savvy than her one and only brother.

Annie’s brother is a huge proponent of simple and small budget shows like those in the 70s and 80s. His most favorite show of all times is WCBOhio (What Catholics Believe Ohio). He claims that he has learnt more watching this show than anything else. He says that the modern day shows are just glamour, no content.

Annie’s brother only drives Fiat cars because about 88% of the people in Italy are catholics and in this way Annie’s brother contributes to the catholic community.

Annie’s brother believes in the healing powers of Jesus Christ and claims that Jesus still heals his true believers and the ones who follow his teachings wholeheartedly. He says that you need to have faith in Jesus without any doubt to see the miracles that he does in your life.

Annie’s brother has traveled all of the ancient Israel including the current day Syria, Palestine, Israel. He claims that the garden of Eden was located somewhere in Jerusalem and the sin of Adam and Eve can still be felt there.

From selling pesticides online, phone batteries on Amazon and eBay to becoming an online gambling tycoon

Caprice Sultana (name changed) is not a lesbian but she finds Colombian women so exotic and there are plenty of those in  the island of Gozo. Caprice’s brother – Christian lives in the United States and he was accused for insider trading by the company that he worked for. The case is pending in the court and all the odds are against him, it is most likely that he will be convicted for insider trading and did I tell you that it is a Fortune 500 company that he worked for?

Caprice herself takes each and every business step with an utmost care. She loves her birthplace Malta and she finds its distinct culture the most pleasant thing about it.

Caprice is a huge online gambling success, one of the richest women in the island of Malta and Gozo. Caprice started her online business journey by selling pesticides online, which was a successful venture but didn’t make as much money as Caprice started dreaming of, Caprice even sold phone batteries online on Amazon and eBay, she created Youtube videos about how to use different gadgets, she reviewed gadgets on the Youtube as well, but it was her online gambling network that made her a multi-millionaire, read more to know how Caprice became such a huge success in such a short span of time.

Caprice’s sister – Evelyn lacks confidence and that’s why she is still unsuccessful in her business efforts. Evelyn believes that formal education is underrated while Caprice believes right the opposite.

Caprice keeps teaching Evelyn about the practical and efficient methods to do business, Evelyn tries her best to follow those but she is still unsuccessful. Evelyn also suffers from chronic insomnia and that’s one reason why she is unable to give her best to her business efforts.

Once a homeless alcoholic young woman now on the verge of becoming a richie

Guritno Liem (name changed) used to be a homeless alcoholic woman at the age 24. She would drink 3-4 bottles of tequila per week with the money she earned with prostituting herself. Her whole life was a mess and she didn’t know where she was going.

Guritno’s life had no meaning, no purpose back in the day. She was just alive for the alcohol. She even was about to have a heart attack when one of her clients mixed up red bull in her vodka. He did it in a hope that Guritno will feel an increased sex drive due to that but he didn’t have an idea what will ensue after his deed. Guritno had to be taken to a nearby hospital where the doctor who treated her became very friendly with her and Guritno told him her whole story. The doctor told Guritno that it is not that difficult to make money in this day and age, you just need to know the right people or right ways to make it. The doctor offered Guritno a space at his home for a couple of weeks, suggestion to read blog posts on fitjung and also some money to invest some money to gamble  in order to make her fortune and stop selling her body and living on the streets.

Guritno possesses no mystical powers but would you be surprised to know that each time she bets her money she doubles it up? Yes, it is nothing less than a miracle. The doctor provided Ms Liem with only 38 Million Indonesian Rupiah which is roughly equivalent to 250 US Dollars. Within a week, Guritno transformed those 38 Million Indonesian Rupiah to 400 Million Indonesian Rupiah. Within 3 weeks, she rented a nice apartment for the first time in her life and paid back the doctor his money and bought a laptop and got a WiFi Internet connection to play the poker full time.

Don’t get disappointed if you are an unsuccess, no deposit bonus offers will come to the rescue

Richard and Solomon are two friends that went to the school and college together. Richard is a car enthusiast while Solomon is a bike enthusiast. Richard and Solomon didn’t complete the college, they stopped going to the college only after 7 months. They were thinking that they can make lots of money online and going to the college isn’t worth it. Steve Jobs has made lots of them drop out from the college.

After trying their hands in several different flop online business ventures. They started a home office consultant service. Richard and Solomon read an article that there is too much money in the home office consultancy business after reading articles upon articles claiming so.

Richard and Solomon were both very enthusiastic about their new home office consultancy business. They started distributing pamphlets and advertising about it all over the internet. They bought a couple of websites too. To their surprise, they lost a lot of money within these 6 months of serious efforts trying to promote their home office consultancy business; not to mention the time they lost as well.

All these serious efforts over the years, left the friends downcast about life and business. They did their best within all these years after dropping out of the college and still they were finding nothing but disappointment everywhere.

Richard told Solomon that it is now either kill or cure for them. Richard told Solomon let’s view more and multiply our money everyday. Solomon was first resistant to the idea but afterwards complied.

Within a matter of months, they are sitting on a few hundred thousand bucks. If they keep going on like this, soon enough they will beat Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Gambling addict and dating expert got the money to start her hamburger shop from winning bets online

Carla Johnson (name changed) owns a small hamburger shop in the Salt Lake City, Utah. Born to an English father and a Spanish speaking Mexican mother in 1984, Carla has been a coffee lover since the age of 15 despite her parents showing disguise for the coffee and always trying to refrain her from drinking the same. Carla loves her coffee and men strong.

Carla recently started a blog where she gives dating advice to men. She has been trying to help the incels get girls on her blog though the main focus of the blog is to volunteer men into get into serious relationships with the ladies. Most of the visitors that come to Carla’s blog are incels. Carla’s most favorite are the 40+ incels, they are both charming and intelligent but never got lucky.

Carla recognized her talent when she successfully initiated her brother into a relationship with one of her friends. Carla’s brother used to be a 29 year old incel, the main factor behind his virginity was his low social interactions.

Carla always emphasizes on her blog that the most necessary traits to get a girl are great social skills and great dressing sense. According to Carla, when you think of a woman, think of a person who loves to be with fun-loving, powerful, strong and good looking people.

Since Carla’s brother has recognized the importance of looking good as told by Carla and seeing how perfectly it worked, he now takes half an hour to style his beard and hair and he now spends 20 times more than he used to back when he was an incel.

Carla is an online gambling addict and it never did her no harm, the money that she collected to start her own hamburger shop also came from the bets that she won back in 2016 on an online gambling website. Carla knows several secret blogs that provide tips, tricks and techniques to online gambling rookies, the most prominent of those being state champs.

Indian-American Pranjali Bhasin loves to bash backward cultures, religions and nations

Pranjali Bhasin (name changed) is an Indian-American who was born in India but came to the America when she was only 5. Pranjali has a lot of bad things to say about India, Hindu Indians and Muslims. Pranjali loves to listen to the bayans (opinions) of the Islamist Muftis and Imams and she does so not to criticize those or to add those to her knowledge but to laugh for a while. Recently, she loved hearing a Mufti’s opinion (he is a very popular personality on the Youtube) on divorced women. The mufti was swearing on the bachelor Muslim youths and adult men swearing on them that they don’t marry 4 wives, what a shame! He was saying that these divorced Muslim women have to rub themselves off time-to-time to satiate their desires, what a shame!

She says that these Muslims and even Hindus think of themselves as very well-cultured people and so do some Africans, Red Indians and Aboriginal Australians.

Many Hindus still think of ‘Sati Pratha‘ as a great humanitarian practice and still advocate it. Sati Pratha is when you burn the widow alive calling her a menace and bad luck, if she couldn’t prove to be lucky for her husband, she cannot be lucky for the others, maybe she was spending nights with some other man and that’s why she plotted the death of her husband together with that guy.

Some African tribes drink their own semen believing that it increases their virility.

Some Aboriginal tribes cut their penis in a peculiar way believing that it increases the pleasure for the women while having that love-making session.

When Pranjali is not working or criticizing the backward tribes and religions, she is busy gambling online on FIFA55 websites or reading fantastic casino and gambling blogs like the invisible string.

Polyamory advocate couple disagrees on several things but they always agree with each other when they gamble

Christopher Truss (name changed) claims that King Size beds were much more common during the days when polygamy was considered a norm. Christopher is a polygamy advocate and his wife – Candy is a polyandry advocate. Christopher disagrees with his wife when she says that the human beings are Polyamorous, he even sometimes beat her in a friendly way with his organ using it like a stick, he is too big down there, it looks like it is his third leg.

Before marrying Candy, Christopher had an addiction of swearing and cursing others all the time. Christopher’s father wanted him to become a general practitioner as he grows up but he disappointed him because of his low grades. Christopher was unable to quality for any the medical college in the world due to his low grades but fortunately enough, he got an admission in a dental college in Denmark. He failed the examinations there as well making his father go all mad on him. Christopher’s father kicked him out forever from his house and that’s when Christopher picked on the habit of swearing all the time. Christopher could pass the dental exams but because he was too busy flaunting his big organ to the women of Denmark, he couldn’t do well in the examinations.

Christopher met Candy at an adult book store, for the first time in his life he saw a lady buying adult DVDs and books. He started talking to her believing that he has met someone whom he could show his big organ which he ultimately did after a couple of days. Candy fell in love with Christopher’s size and they decided to marry each other.

Christopher and Candy love to gamble online together and sometimes they even don’t sleep for 30-40 hours when they join each other to gamble on an Malay gambling website or as they say in Malay – situs judi bola.

Ase Asger never saw a Sikh man before she traveled to India

Ase Asger (name changed) never saw a Sikh before coming to India which is quite astonishing because she lives in the United States and the Sikhs are all over the United States today. The first thing that happened when Ase arrived in India was that the taxi that she was traveling in got stolen only after 2 days. She read the local city newspaper and there were car theft news everywhere.

Another taxi that Ase booked, she had no idea that the driver is a drunkard until he hit a black car with black alloy wheels and when the guy whose car got hit by him called the police, the taxi driver made the excuse that he couldn’t see the car because it was all black, he got kicked with the fine of 10, 000 INR. The driver was so stupid, rude and weird that he started Ase to pay the fine, she refused to do so and went back to her hotel in another taxi.

Ase discovered that the people of North India are such cowards, they dare not question their pagan gods at all. They worship a female idol whom they call ‘Sherawali Mata’ and they believe that only she can bring them good luck and not the hard or smart work. They all say this one line all the time ‘Sab kismat ka khel hai’ (It is all about the luck).

Ase’s favorite time while in India was the time when she was reading her favorite blog of all time tadafumisato in her hotel room. She liked the hotel that she stayed in very much and she said that Indian hotels are much better compared to the rest of the Indian standards. She also gambled a lot on her favorite FIFA55 websites while in India.

Friends call her Bathsheba reincarnated, she is a coffee lover with a love for online gambling

Eva Summer (name changed) owns a factory that manufactures ointment packaging tubes. Eva’s business has only seen uprises since the day it got launched.

Eva is an avid reader of the Jewish history and she says that the condom companies could make trillions of dollars in the ancient Israel. She says that all of the ancient Israel’s history is filled with lust, sex and perversion. Even the best of the Jewish messiahs were lechers, no wonder what the common men would have been like. She says that the common men of ancient Israel must have been bigger lechers than the pimps and womanizers of today.

Eva herself is a stunner. Her friends call her Bathsheba reincarnated because of several reasons, one of the reasons being her love for the bath. She bathes 3 times a day, the second reason being her obsession with the Jewish people and their history and the last but not the least, her extraordinary beauty which is much more appealing to the men than the women can even understand. She drives them men crazy!

Eva claims to have cured her inefficient digestion with drinking 6 cups of coffee a day. She cannot imagine living without those 6 cups of coffee a day. Her favorite hobby while having that cup of hot or cold coffee is to read a blog post on one of her favorite blogs with her most favorite of them all being skate dress warehouse. Eva also keeps betting on any of the FIFA55 websites from time to time, especially the ones mentioned on her most favorite blog.

Because of her beauty, Eva used to be one of the most popular girls in the college. She was a great student as well. She got nothing but excellent grades and lots of proposals from guys all the time.

Top North Carolina relationship expert loves FIFA55

Asnat Hermoni (name changed) is one of the top relationship experts in the state of North Carolina. Asnat loves to give her opinions on her blog about what kind of guys she herself likes, one of the things that she is never tired of repeating on her blog is “If a guy doesn’t make me feel safe one way or another I do not even look at him again.”

According to one blog post of Asnat “In the pre-historic matriarchal societies – brides were dressed as grooms and grooms were dressed up as brides.”

Another thing that Asnat claims that she has observed is that the people who have been living in desert areas for centuries are inherently evil and cruel. She gave the example of Arabs and Rajputras while claiming this.

 Asnat is a Ashkenazi Jew herself and she says that Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is one of the most overrated things on the planet and Japanese people are far more intelligent than the Ashkenazi Jews. She says that overrating Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is a part of an international conspiracy and agenda which will soon be revealed.

Asnat is against the bashing of women that conceive a child before their marriage. According to Asnat, “Sex causes ejaculation in the men each time, there is no separate process for getting pregnant among men and hence any man who has ever masturbated or had sex before marriage has already been pregnant and it is the case with 99.999% of the men that I know. Hence, all men must be bashed for being men.”

Asnat’s most favorite hobby is online gambling and she plays nothing other than FIFA55. She loves to read a lot of gambling related stuff too on blogs like rungpiti kennel.

Indian-American woman runs a top-notch massage parlour with Cuban beauties all over

Sandhya Tuli (name changed) is an Indian-American who has a lot say against the mentality of the common Indian people. Recently, she hated her trip to India. A cousin of her fell into her feet and kept persuading her all the time that she wants to go to America and want to marry a White man and settle down there forever. This cousin of Sandhya is a lecher and she is so mean and selfish, when Sandhya used to live in India, she would behave very disgustedly with Sandhya and do all the things bad that you could imagine to her. She once even told a fake story to Sandhya’s parents that is having an affair with her second cousin. This fake story cost Sandhya a lot of misery and trouble. She finally ended up convincing her parents that it isn’t true but it took a lot of effort, time and much more.

This cousin of Sandhya was expelled from two different companies where she worked for fraudulent activities as well.

Anyways, Sandhya’s parents gave her so much misery and hard-time in the past that she doesn’t care about what they will think if they ever get to know what she does in the United States. Sandhya owns a massage parlour in the United States where nobody but top-notch Cuban beauties work. Her massage parlour nothing less than a landmark in the neighborhood where it is located. She has never told any friend or relative in India about her massage parlour but she doesn’t care if they ever get to know about it, she is free as a bird now and she is not going back.

Sandhya also bets a lot on online gambling websites and reads tons of gambling related blogs like the pro edelstar

Jenna is an expert stock trader and realtor but her best kept secret is FIFA55

Jenna Darwin (name changed) loves to dress as a sexy Santa and roam the streets and shopping malls like that. Jenna is a skilled options trader with interests in several different businesses like trade stocks, real estate, etc.

Jenna loves men with Afro hair and she has made several trips to Jamaica to enjoy the sight of tall Afro-haired men everywhere. She has only had black boyfriends in the past.

Jenna’s sister – Mae is not as smart as Jenna and she constantly keeps asking Jenna for business advice. Last week, Jenna suggested Mae to research brokerages and determine which one to use based on her investing strategy, how much she will be investing, fees, and other features. Jenna couldn’t tell Mae the best brokerage because it all depends on what Mae plans on doing which she didn’t disclose.

Jenna knows several trusted trading platforms and some of the secret ones as well. She considers betting on FIFA55 websites to be the smartest investment. She loves each and every post on gambling related blogs like pneumatic group.

Once one of Jenna’s ex-boyfriends told her to stop gambling if she wants to become prosperous and wants to go to heaven after death. Jenna is an agnostic and she doesn’t believe in the concept of heaven or hell at all, but to impress him and strengthen her relationship with him, Jenna listened to his advice and decided to stop gambling forever. Jenna could only stop herself from gambling online for a week and then screwed up, she was trying her best to talk herself out of it but failed. After winning several bets, she was so happy and didn’t feel a bit of guilt at all, she called her idiot ex back and told him that she just won a couple of thousand dollars, the idiot told her that she is going to go to hell for this but she wouldn’t care and told the idiot to eff off.