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Indian-American woman runs a top-notch massage parlour with Cuban beauties all over

Sandhya Tuli (name changed) is an Indian-American who has a lot say against the mentality of the common Indian people. Recently, she hated her trip to India. A cousin of her fell into her feet and kept persuading her all the time that she wants to go to America and want to marry a White man and settle down there forever. This cousin of Sandhya is a lecher and she is so mean and selfish, when Sandhya used to live in India, she would behave very disgustedly with Sandhya and do all the things bad that you could imagine to her. She once even told a fake story to Sandhya’s parents that is having an affair with her second cousin. This fake story cost Sandhya a lot of misery and trouble. She finally ended up convincing her parents that it isn’t true but it took a lot of effort, time and much more.

This cousin of Sandhya was expelled from two different companies where she worked for fraudulent activities as well.

Anyways, Sandhya’s parents gave her so much misery and hard-time in the past that she doesn’t care about what they will think if they ever get to know what she does in the United States. Sandhya owns a massage parlour in the United States where nobody but top-notch Cuban beauties work. Her massage parlour nothing less than a landmark in the neighborhood where it is located. She has never told any friend or relative in India about her massage parlour but she doesn’t care if they ever get to know about it, she is free as a bird now and she is not going back.

Sandhya also bets a lot on online gambling websites and reads tons of gambling related blogs like the pro edelstar

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