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Top North Carolina relationship expert loves FIFA55

Asnat Hermoni (name changed) is one of the top relationship experts in the state of North Carolina. Asnat loves to give her opinions on her blog about what kind of guys she herself likes, one of the things that she is never tired of repeating on her blog is “If a guy doesn’t make me feel safe one way or another I do not even look at him again.”

According to one blog post of Asnat “In the pre-historic matriarchal societies – brides were dressed as grooms and grooms were dressed up as brides.”

Another thing that Asnat claims that she has observed is that the people who have been living in desert areas for centuries are inherently evil and cruel. She gave the example of Arabs and Rajputras while claiming this.

 Asnat is a Ashkenazi Jew herself and she says that Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is one of the most overrated things on the planet and Japanese people are far more intelligent than the Ashkenazi Jews. She says that overrating Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is a part of an international conspiracy and agenda which will soon be revealed.

Asnat is against the bashing of women that conceive a child before their marriage. According to Asnat, “Sex causes ejaculation in the men each time, there is no separate process for getting pregnant among men and hence any man who has ever masturbated or had sex before marriage has already been pregnant and it is the case with 99.999% of the men that I know. Hence, all men must be bashed for being men.”

Asnat’s most favorite hobby is online gambling and she plays nothing other than FIFA55. She loves to read a lot of gambling related stuff too on blogs like¬†rungpiti kennel.

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