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Ase Asger never saw a Sikh man before she traveled to India

Ase Asger (name changed) never saw a Sikh before coming to India which is quite astonishing because she lives in the United States and the Sikhs are all over the United States today. The first thing that happened when Ase arrived in India was that the taxi that she was traveling in got stolen only after 2 days. She read the local city newspaper and there were car theft news everywhere.

Another taxi that Ase booked, she had no idea that the driver is a drunkard until he hit a black car with black alloy wheels and when the guy whose car got hit by him called the police, the taxi driver made the excuse that he couldn’t see the car because it was all black, he got kicked with the fine of 10, 000 INR. The driver was so stupid, rude and weird that he started Ase to pay the fine, she refused to do so and went back to her hotel in another taxi.

Ase discovered that the people of North India are such cowards, they dare not question their pagan gods at all. They worship a female idol whom they call ‘Sherawali Mata’ and they believe that only she can bring them good luck and not the hard or smart work. They all say this one line all the time ‘Sab kismat ka khel hai’¬†(It is all about the luck).

Ase’s favorite time while in India was the time when she was reading her favorite blog of all time¬†tadafumisato in her hotel room. She liked the hotel that she stayed in very much and she said that Indian hotels are much better compared to the rest of the Indian standards. She also gambled a lot on her favorite FIFA55 websites while in India.

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