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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Polyamory advocate couple disagrees on several things but they always agree with each other when they gamble

Christopher Truss (name changed) claims that King Size beds were much more common during the days when polygamy was considered a norm. Christopher is a polygamy advocate and his wife – Candy is a polyandry advocate. Christopher disagrees with his wife when she says that the human beings are Polyamorous, he even sometimes beat her in a friendly way with his organ using it like a stick, he is too big down there, it looks like it is his third leg.

Before marrying Candy, Christopher had an addiction of swearing and cursing others all the time. Christopher’s father wanted him to become a general practitioner as he grows up but he disappointed him because of his low grades. Christopher was unable to quality for any the medical college in the world due to his low grades but fortunately enough, he got an admission in a dental college in Denmark. He failed the examinations there as well making his father go all mad on him. Christopher’s father kicked him out forever from his house and that’s when Christopher picked on the habit of swearing all the time. Christopher could pass the dental exams but because he was too busy flaunting his big organ to the women of Denmark, he couldn’t do well in the examinations.

Christopher met Candy at an adult book store, for the first time in his life he saw a lady buying adult DVDs and books. He started talking to her believing that he has met someone whom he could show his big organ which he ultimately did after a couple of days. Candy fell in love with Christopher’s size and they decided to marry each other.

Christopher and Candy love to gamble online together and sometimes they even don’t sleep for 30-40 hours when they join each other to gamble on an Malay gambling website or as they say in Malay – situs judi bola.

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