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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Gambling addict and dating expert got the money to start her hamburger shop from winning bets online

Carla Johnson (name changed) owns a small hamburger shop in the Salt Lake City, Utah. Born to an English father and a Spanish speaking Mexican mother in 1984, Carla has been a coffee lover since the age of 15 despite her parents showing disguise for the coffee and always trying to refrain her from drinking the same. Carla loves her coffee and men strong.

Carla recently started a blog where she gives dating advice to men. She has been trying to help the incels get girls on her blog though the main focus of the blog is to volunteer men into get into serious relationships with the ladies. Most of the visitors that come to Carla’s blog are incels. Carla’s most favorite are the 40+ incels, they are both charming and intelligent but never got lucky.

Carla recognized her talent when she successfully initiated her brother into a relationship with one of her friends. Carla’s brother used to be a 29 year old incel, the main factor behind his virginity was his low social interactions.

Carla always emphasizes on her blog that the most necessary traits to get a girl are great social skills and great dressing sense. According to Carla, when you think of a woman, think of a person who loves to be with fun-loving, powerful, strong and good looking people.

Since Carla’s brother has recognized the importance of looking good as told by Carla and seeing how perfectly it worked, he now takes half an hour to style his beard and hair and he now spends 20 times more than he used to back when he was an incel.

Carla is an online gambling addict and it never did her no harm, the money that she collected to start her own hamburger shop also came from the bets that she won back in 2016 on an online gambling website. Carla knows several secret blogs that provide tips, tricks and techniques to online gambling rookies, the most prominent of those being state champs.

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