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Indian-American Pranjali Bhasin loves to bash backward cultures, religions and nations

Pranjali Bhasin (name changed) is an Indian-American who was born in India but came to the America when she was only 5. Pranjali has a lot of bad things to say about India, Hindu Indians and Muslims. Pranjali loves to listen to the bayans¬†(opinions) of the Islamist Muftis and Imams and she does so not to criticize those or to add those to her knowledge but to laugh for a while. Recently, she loved hearing a Mufti’s opinion (he is a very popular personality on the Youtube) on divorced women. The mufti was swearing on the bachelor Muslim youths and adult men swearing on them that they don’t marry 4 wives, what a shame! He was saying that these divorced Muslim women have to rub themselves off time-to-time to satiate their desires, what a shame!

She says that these Muslims and even Hindus think of themselves as very well-cultured people and so do some Africans, Red Indians and Aboriginal Australians.

Many Hindus still think of ‘Sati Pratha‘ as a great humanitarian practice and still advocate it. Sati Pratha is when you burn the widow alive calling her a menace and bad luck, if she couldn’t prove to be lucky for her husband, she cannot be lucky for the others, maybe she was spending nights with some other man and that’s why she plotted the death of her husband together with that guy.

Some African tribes drink their own semen believing that it increases their virility.

Some Aboriginal tribes cut their penis in a peculiar way believing that it increases the pleasure for the women while having that love-making session.

When Pranjali is not working or criticizing the backward tribes and religions, she is busy gambling online on FIFA55 websites or reading fantastic casino and gambling blogs like the invisible string.

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