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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

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Richard and Solomon are two friends that went to the school and college together. Richard is a car enthusiast while Solomon is a bike enthusiast. Richard and Solomon didn’t complete the college, they stopped going to the college only after 7 months. They were thinking that they can make lots of money online and going to the college isn’t worth it. Steve Jobs has made lots of them drop out from the college.

After trying their hands in several different flop online business ventures. They started a home office consultant service. Richard and Solomon read an article that there is too much money in the home office consultancy business after reading articles upon articles claiming so.

Richard and Solomon were both very enthusiastic about their new home office consultancy business. They started distributing pamphlets and advertising about it all over the internet. They bought a couple of websites too. To their surprise, they lost a lot of money within these 6 months of serious efforts trying to promote their home office consultancy business; not to mention the time they lost as well.

All these serious efforts over the years, left the friends downcast about life and business. They did their best within all these years after dropping out of the college and still they were finding nothing but disappointment everywhere.

Richard told Solomon that it is now either kill or cure for them. Richard told Solomon let’s view more and multiply our money everyday. Solomon was first resistant to the idea but afterwards complied.

Within a matter of months, they are sitting on a few hundred thousand bucks. If they keep going on like this, soon enough they will beat Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

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