Link Kick

I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

From selling pesticides online, phone batteries on Amazon and eBay to becoming an online gambling tycoon

Caprice Sultana (name changed) is not a lesbian but she finds Colombian women so exotic and there are plenty of those inĀ  the island of Gozo. Caprice’s brother – Christian lives in the United States and he was accused for insider trading by the company that he worked for. The case is pending in the court and all the odds are against him, it is most likely that he will be convicted for insider trading and did I tell you that it is a Fortune 500 company that he worked for?

Caprice herself takes each and every business step with an utmost care. She loves her birthplace Malta and she finds its distinct culture the most pleasant thing about it.

Caprice is a huge online gambling success, one of the richest women in the island of Malta and Gozo. Caprice started her online business journey by selling pesticides online, which was a successful venture but didn’t make as much money as Caprice started dreaming of, Caprice even sold phone batteries online on Amazon and eBay, she created Youtube videos about how to use different gadgets, she reviewed gadgets on the Youtube as well, but it was her online gambling network that made her a multi-millionaire, read more to know how Caprice became such a huge success in such a short span of time.

Caprice’s sister – Evelyn lacks confidence and that’s why she is still unsuccessful in her business efforts. Evelyn believes that formal education is underrated while Caprice believes right the opposite.

Caprice keeps teaching Evelyn about the practical and efficient methods to do business, Evelyn tries her best to follow those but she is still unsuccessful. Evelyn also suffers from chronic insomnia and that’s one reason why she is unable to give her best to her business efforts.

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