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Devout catholic man only buys and drives Fiat cars to make the catholic community stronger

Annie Touru (name changed) says that she used to be a full-time paid positive commentator for Volvo cars, SUVs and station wagons before finding a goldmine called live draw Hongkong.

Annie always has some funny interesting tales to tell like she recently told me how nobody buys the songs written by her full-time songwriter devout catholic brother just because all her songs preach the glory of Jesus and Mary and he is not willing to delete Mary and Jesus from his songs no matter how annoying they may sound.

Annie also told me that just about 2 years ago, his brother couldn’t even pronounce his email address. Annie says that she has seen 80 year old that are more internet and tech savvy than her one and only brother.

Annie’s brother is a huge proponent of simple and small budget shows like those in the 70s and 80s. His most favorite show of all times is WCBOhio (What Catholics Believe Ohio). He claims that he has learnt more watching this show than anything else. He says that the modern day shows are just glamour, no content.

Annie’s brother only drives Fiat cars because about 88% of the people in Italy are catholics and in this way Annie’s brother contributes to the catholic community.

Annie’s brother believes in the healing powers of Jesus Christ and claims that Jesus still heals his true believers and the ones who follow his teachings wholeheartedly. He says that you need to have faith in Jesus without any doubt to see the miracles that he does in your life.

Annie’s brother has traveled all of the ancient Israel including the current day Syria, Palestine, Israel. He claims that the garden of Eden was located somewhere in Jerusalem and the sin of Adam and Eve can still be felt there.

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