All Sunny Gogia does is win no matter what and that’s why he doesn’t care what they say about gambling online

Ania Gogia (name changed) lived in Vietnam and Thailand for over 10 years. Ania has mostly positive things to talk about that Southeast Asian region including that people of Central Highlands, Vietnam are very talkative and caring.

Ania claims that Vietnamese people are rising up and are all set to make Vietnam a superpower. Ania says that USA is doing its best to stop the Vietnam to become a superpower. Ania claims that the USA’s Vietnam war is what made the remaining Vietnamese men and women so smart that they are now all set to become a superpower like never seen before.

Ania’s brother – Sunny lived in Pakistan and India for over 8 years and he has many negative things to say about this region in Southeast Asia. Sunny claims that Jamat-e-Islami was a British’s creation and their agent from the very beginning which has now transformed into the agent of Judeo-Christian alliance.

Sunny claims that the divorced women are looked down upon as horny bitches and that’s why so many women in India never divorce even though they get physically, mentally and verbally abused everyday.

Sunny says Malala Yousafjai is a Chinese agent whose aim is to distant America from Pakistan.

Sunny is a hobbyist Painter who claims that Tempera was one of the biggest revolutions in the world of painting.

Sunny says that thinking and seeing petty things in a larger perspective serves no purpose and that’s why he never thinks whether he is a committing a sin or not while betting on Betting Sites 24, the only thing that he cares about is winning while doing the same.

Sunny watches the current most famous Indian guru – Sadhguru’s videos everyday just to have a glimpse of beauties with brains.

MBA topper from the University of Wales is a daring millionaire who loves to admit his indulgence in casino and women

Navneet Channa (name changed) is an Indian who has been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 5 years. Navneet has always been a heavy criticizer of the conditions of both the public and private hospitals in the Indian subcontinent.

Navneet is a MBA in marketing from the University of Wales (UK).

Navneet’s grandmother used to be a history professor who is so passionate about the history that she is 82 now but still runs an online history forum to learn more about the history and discuss what she knows with others as well.

Navneet is planning to buy a mansion but not a car in the next 5 years as he already own 17 of those that he bought with online casino money, check out this review to know how. Navneet only drives Porsches, he owns a few Panamera Turbo Hybrids, three 911s, five Cayennes and a few others. For Navneet, cars are all about the sheer driving experience and luxury combined and nothing other than Porsche does it better.

Navneet is of the opinion that suppression of sexual desires results in suicidal thoughts and hence Navneet never stays short of sex, he has 3 voluptuous mistresses with whom he makes love from time to time.

Navneet claims that Pakistani Singer Aima Peerzada works as an expensive escort part-time in England. Navneet claims to have met and enjoyed her many times while in England. Navneet is not ashamed of admitting his addiction to the escorts, mistresses and other sins. He is a very daring gentleman and we must all look up to him to become honest like him as well. According to me, him being an honest and daring gentleman is one of the secrets behind his success, like others, he doesn’t need to worry about what others are thinking of him, he can focus 100% on his goal, aim and not to mention that his indulgence in sins always keep him happy and healthy.

Automobile enthusiast, blogger and public speaker makes tens of thousands a month with the help of casino bonus codes

Tamia Trump (name changed) is a very punctual lady when it comes to her online casino schedule.

Tamia has done an extensive research and study on almost each and every English surname that she could find.

Tamia is a public speaker who has some of the finest public speaking skills but she has an annoying habit of giggling and laughing while speaking which puts off the listeners greatly and they generally forget all about her wonderful speech and only remember her annoying giggling and laughing.

Tamia runs an automobile blog and forum and she never gets enough of calling Honda as the most versatile car company. Tamia has called Mini Car Company a fail gimmick more than 80 times on her blog and forum combined and the crazy thing is that most of the members on her forum and blog agree with this statement of hers. I remember reading one of the posts on Tamia’s forum in which the original poster mentioned that he listed his Mini Cooper S for sale just after one month after he bought it because it broke twice within the first 30 days and being a busy guy he couldn’t take it anymore and hence he decided to sell it and you would be surprised to know that it only sold for 40% of what he bought it for.

Tamia claims that she didn’t know the difference between barrister, solicitor and lawyer when she newly started public speaking. She used to believe that they are all one and the same. It is only when she got sued for the first time that she learnt that these are 3 different type of professionals.

Tamia used to ridicule the ones who told her that they make thousands of dollars with online casino in a month. Tamia now laughs at her stupidity of ignoring a goldmine like online casinos since she has been making tens of thousands of dollars a month with the help of casino bonus codes.

Claudia Guskova is an online poker millionaire but she never bought a German car with that money

Claudia Guskova (name changed) says that the German cars are overrated and the ones responsible for over-glorifying and overrating are the paid and bribed auto journalists who would do anything for money. Claudia claims that German cars including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes are deliberately over-engineered to get the most out of the customer’s pocket. Claudia is so rich off PokerCC but she still never bought a German car, all her luxury cars are Japanese and Swedish.

Claudia’s brother’s company used to manufacture bumpers and mudguards for the Opel India (now called Vauxhall) and he told Claudia how much of a rip-off the German cars and German car companies are.

Claudia’s brother used to tell her when he was in India that the Peugeot in India took the booking amount from the Indian prospects without telling them that they are intending to leave the Indian market and ran away overnight with the customer’s money. Claudia had some online chat with one such Indian gentleman who told her that he is still waiting for the Peugeot to come back to India and writing to them regularly asking them “When are you going to return my money?”

Claudia says that royal doctors still exist but they aren’t called so anymore. Claudia says that John Harvey Kellogg was nothing less than an American royal doctor of his times. He had some of the greatest industrialists of that including Henry Ford coming to him for treatment.

Businesswoman Lindsey Jenner has an accounting degree and she sells chastity cages as a passion

Lindsey Jenner (name changed) claims that women aren’t as complex as most men perceive them to be. Lindsey was born in Quebec and hence she hesitated to speak in the English language although her parents were both English speaking. Lindsey always wanted to improve her marketing and business skills. Lindsey is an accountant by profession with a degree in Economics and Finance as well.

Lindsey got rid of all the clutters at the workplace after listening to several motivational and time-management videos by the popular motivational speaker – Brian Tracy. Lindsey claims that her productivity has increased 150% times since she got rid of the clutters at the workplace.

Lindsey’s husband – Seth enjoys cheap car seats more than the luxurious ones. He says that if you are a young man below the age of 35 and don’t enjoy cheap seats in a car then your vigor and virility is questionable. There is a reason why Seth only buys second hand cars just because those seats are not as luxurious and comfortable as the ones in the latest and new cars.

Lindsey and her husband both have many doctors and scientists in their families and they both find doctors a lot more intelligent, wise, smart and practical than the scientists.

Lindsey goes on a lot of business trips and she make her husband wear a chastity cage whenever she goes out of the town. Lindsey says that selling chastity cage is her passion and obsession and that’s why she sells those on her own website and eBay. You will be surprised to know that Lindsey owns several websites but none of her own websites is her favorite one but rather her most favorite website of all time is a bitcoins gambler website. Lindsey has already won tons of bitcoins with gambling on a bitcoin gambling website called coins gambler and she says that it has really made a huge positive difference to her life.

Kim Jong Un is paranoid, Reham Khan is a MI6 agent and Rain Oldham is an online poker millionaire

Rain Oldham (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist who accuses the current prime minister of Pakistan’s ex-wife Reham Khan to be a British agent. Rain says that tell me the name of another journalist who is already a well-established anchor on BBC England but still comes to pursue a career in journalism in one of the most dangerous and third-world country like Pakistan.

Rain’s father was a flop actor whose name I wouldn’t like to mention here. Rain says that her father’s career was voluntarily destroyed by the Illuminati because he refused to submit to the Illuminati.

Rain claims that she regularly chats with a North Korean man who supplies her with all the information and updates about what is going on in North Korea. Rain says that she provides him free online cam sexy chat in return of that information. Rain says that the guy is a complete wanker and will do anything to jack off to a live sexy video of a beautiful woman like Rain. Rain recently wrote on her blog that Kim Jong Un has killed several people who were trying to become Youtubers. Rain says that her informer/wanker tells her that Kim Jong Un is a paranoid and he works on the philosophy of that it is okay to kill thousands of innocent men and women but it is a sin to let a single guilty one go free.

Rain is a hyperactive and one of the hardest working women that you have never met. According to Rain Oldham – “Pessimism is laziness in disguise”.

Rain claims that different governments of the world should limit the Hyundai cars to the sales to females only and men shouldn’t be allowed to drive Hyundai cars at all unless there is some sort of urgency or emergency. Rain has only bought Hyundai cars including an Elantra, an i20, an i10 and with the money that she won with SitusPoker.

Yetis existed and they were a weird hybrid, honest and loyal TOTO agents exist and they make you rich

Etel Hilton (name changed) is an anthropologist who claims that Yetis existed for real and they were a species related to the human beings. Etel says that it is a shame that anthropologists, scientists and others do a lot of research on other human related species like neanderthals but they never fail to overlook the Yetis. Etel’s 40% time on anthropology has been spent on the study of Yetis. Etel says that at first it was unbelievable for Etel to find so much new about the Yetis single-handedly during one long trip to Nepal. After Etel got to knew so much about the Yetis in such a short span of time, she couldn’t believe that no other scientist had been able to do the same yet. Etel researched the questioned “Why?” and it turned out that most scientists and anthropologists are also like cattle and sheep, they only care about and research topics and subjects that are already popular and being researched. Since then Etel has been calling herself – one woman anthropologist army.

So far, Etel has come to the conclusion that Etel were a hybrid between the homo sapiens and the bears, she also doubts that they could be a hybrid between the neanderthals and the bears.

Etel drives a Lamborghini Diablo that she bought with the money that she won with TOTO. Etel is a TOTO fan and she has been betting regularly on the TOTO websites regularly since she found one of the most trusted TOTO agents (Agen Toto Terpercaya). She is loving the experience and still finds it hard to believe that how loyal can a gambling website be.

Etel’s most favorite book of all time is “A Backward Place” by Ruth Prawer Jhabwala and she has read the same thrice already.

Arron Kendall claims that she never met a Jain personally who doesn’t bet online and is a real celibate

Arron Kendall (name changed) says that the Egyptian cult of Aten was far better than the religion of Judaism and un-arrogant like Judaism and any other Abrahamic religion. Arron doesn’t like any present religion including any of the Dharmic aka religions born out of India like Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and others but she says that the Dharmic religions are far better than the Abrahamic religions when it comes to being a little flexible and liberal.

Arron claims that the feminists, pseudo-liberals and pornographic industry voluntarily replaced the word ‘sodomy’ with ‘anal’ so that they can make the ordinary people either never learn about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah or to make the ones who already know about the same, forget it.

Arron has traveled several countries of the world including India. When Arron was in India, she explored and researched the Jain religion and the people belonging to this religion thoroughly. Arron says that she hasn’t met a Jain man personally who was really a celibate. Arron says that the Jain men who claimed to be celibates were also fake celibates and they all tried to hit on beautiful Arron.

Arron says that Indian Godman – Asaram Bapu was put inside the prison just because he slapped a MLA (equivalent to America’s Mayor) on the face in private belonging to India’s then ruling party – Congress. Congress and its ministers are popular for taking it personal and taking revenges, Arron says that Congress knew that BJP was going to over within less than a year and BJP has friendly relations with all the Hindu godmen and saints and they won’t do anything to Asaram Bapuji, so then Indian dictator or prime minister – Sonia Gandhi didn’t only arrested and put in prison Asaram Bapu but created the trouble for all his family and put his son – Narayan Sai along with him in the prison as well.

Arron’s favorite pastime is playing gambling online (judi online) and she claims that she reaches the state of nirvana while doing it.

Hates Adolf Hitler but loves German cars, loves working hard but still gambles on UFAbet

Jamie Adeley (name changed) is not a fan of Adolf Hitler but she says that the German cars couldn’t have been what they are if there was no Adolf Hitler. Jamie loves to drive fast on the highways and she drives nothing but the German cars. She doesn’t know much about Adolf Hitler, she never read the book Mein Kampf aka My Struggle but she somehow knows that he was an evil man and she calls Adolf Hitler ‘a demon’ with hype and hoopla, but she also doesn’t hesitate to say that if there was no Adolf Hitler, forget about the advanced and fun-to-drive German cars that are second to none when it comes to the engineering genius.

Jamie has a peculiar skill or talent whatever you would like to call it of creating an ornament out of the recycled tin cans which she sells on eBay though she makes 2000 times more money than that with her full-time business and betting on ufabet. Jamie spends at least 6 hours each day creating ornaments with tin cans, 6-8 hours she spends on her full-time business and betting on UFA websites, the rest goes to sleeping, eating and other things.

Jamie has been to India several times and she has done an extensive research on the origins of the Chitpavan people. Jamie claims that Chitpavan Brahmin people aren’t the lost tribes of Israel but Yazidi people instead. Jamie first used to believe that Chitpavan Brahmins are the lost tribes of Israel, then she started doubting that they are Kurds but finally she came to the conclusion that they are Yazidi people. Jamie backs her claim of calling Chitpavan people “Yazidis” by telling similarities about their worshiping style, fair skin, similarities in language, their large and long noses and the way their women put a cloth on their heads while worshiping.

A critic of Jainism and Sikhism makes more money with Data SGP than any of her businesses

Anwen Abbar (name changed) is a very prolific blogger, author and Youtuber who recently wrote in one of her blog posts that discipline is the most underrated trait that is a lot more beneficial than it is generally perceived to be.

Anwen’s labor and intelligence really produced a marvel last year when she made millions with just one trick that she learnt over a couple of months’s period, no, I am not talking about anything that has to do with writing or Youtubing but instead checking out which one is the right pool website, Anwen claims to have made more money with data SGP than all her careers combined till date.

Anwen is originally from one of the wealthy middle eastern countries, I will not name the country here as it may lead you to know who Anwen Abbar that I am talking about really is, but I am giving you a hint here and the hint is that Anwen used to work for one of the council of Royal Reserves in the Middle East.

Anwen doesn’t miss anything more than her mother’s hugs since her mother is no more now. Every month, Anwen dedicates her mother a couple of songs on the local radio stations only to miss her more and eventually starting to cry.

One of Anwen’s blog posts’s title once read that arrogant people are megalomaniacs to a certain extent.

Anwen has been a notorious opponent and critics of the offshoots of the Hindu religion including Jainism and Sikhism. If Anwen is to be believed, the Mahastambha outside the Jain temples is a concept stolen from a minor religion that originated in the current day Mongolia.

Anwen used to be a lover of Sikhism until the day she learnt that the religion called Sikhism that started out mainly to eliminate idol worshiping as in Hinduism is now notorious for worshiping their ten gurus and their holy book as well just like the Hindus worship idols.

Leah Charpentier has traveled the world and is now writing a book on how to make money blogging

Leah Charpentier (name changed) is popular for busting conspiracies on the internet and her blog’s traffic increased multifold when she claimed that a Turkish mechanic created the first CVT transmission much before the Japanese companies.

Leah Charpentier says that the Pakistani media and the Muslim Imam and Muftis are two sides of the same coin. She says that they are one people and their discussion on stupid topics like whether celebrating the Punjabi festival called Basant Panchmi is haram or not is just a way to deflect people from the real issues.

Leah says that she has lived in the Indian subcontinent for a fairly long time and it is her personal observation that if there is a war between the India and the Pakistan in the current times, the Indian Muslims will mix up with the Pakistanis against the Indians. Leah says that the Muslims have no dedication, commitment and sympathy for the countries that they live in. Leah says that Indians are just like the Jews of the diaspora times, especially the practicing ones. If we have to believe Leah, Muslims dream about creating a Khilafat state all the time and the ones who think very highly of themselves dream about becoming a Khalifa round the clock.

One of the Indian Muslims that Leah met and interviewed during her stay in India told her that Ghazwa-e-Hind will take place and no human power can stop it from happening. He told Leah that Prophet Muhammad will come disguised in some other personality during Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Leah met one Indian Hindu who told her that he is an atheist but still believes in breaking Pakistan into several parts, he wrote a song “Leke rahenge Balochistan, Kashmir Rahega Hindustan, Phati Chadhi Phati Baniyan, Yeh Kis Baat ka Pakistan”.

For the past few days, Leah has been writing a book on the topic how to make money blogging.