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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Leah Charpentier has traveled the world and is now writing a book on how to make money blogging

Leah Charpentier (name changed) is popular for busting conspiracies on the internet and her blog’s traffic increased multifold when she claimed that a Turkish mechanic created the first CVT transmission much before the Japanese companies.

Leah Charpentier says that the Pakistani media and the Muslim Imam and Muftis are two sides of the same coin. She says that they are one people and their discussion on stupid topics like whether celebrating the Punjabi festival called Basant Panchmi is haram or not is just a way to deflect people from the real issues.

Leah says that she has lived in the Indian subcontinent for a fairly long time and it is her personal observation that if there is a war between the India and the Pakistan in the current times, the Indian Muslims will mix up with the Pakistanis against the Indians. Leah says that the Muslims have no dedication, commitment and sympathy for the countries that they live in. Leah says that Indians are just like the Jews of the diaspora times, especially the practicing ones. If we have to believe Leah, Muslims dream about creating a Khilafat state all the time and the ones who think very highly of themselves dream about becoming a Khalifa round the clock.

One of the Indian Muslims that Leah met and interviewed during her stay in India told her that Ghazwa-e-Hind will take place and no human power can stop it from happening. He told Leah that Prophet Muhammad will come disguised in some other personality during Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Leah met one Indian Hindu who told her that he is an atheist but still believes in breaking Pakistan into several parts, he wrote a song “Leke rahenge Balochistan, Kashmir Rahega Hindustan, Phati Chadhi Phati Baniyan, Yeh Kis Baat ka Pakistan”.

For the past few days, Leah has been writing a book on the topic how to make money blogging.

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