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Arron Kendall claims that she never met a Jain personally who doesn’t bet online and is a real celibate

Arron Kendall (name changed) says that the Egyptian cult of Aten was far better than the religion of Judaism and un-arrogant like Judaism and any other Abrahamic religion. Arron doesn’t like any present religion including any of the Dharmic aka religions born out of India like Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and others but she says that the Dharmic religions are far better than the Abrahamic religions when it comes to being a little flexible and liberal.

Arron claims that the feminists, pseudo-liberals and pornographic industry voluntarily replaced the word ‘sodomy’ with ‘anal’ so that they can make the ordinary people either never learn about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah or to make the ones who already know about the same, forget it.

Arron has traveled several countries of the world including India. When Arron was in India, she explored and researched the Jain religion and the people belonging to this religion thoroughly. Arron says that she hasn’t met a Jain man personally who was really a celibate. Arron says that the Jain men who claimed to be celibates were also fake celibates and they all tried to hit on beautiful Arron.

Arron says that Indian Godman – Asaram Bapu was put inside the prison just because he slapped a MLA (equivalent to America’s Mayor) on the face in private belonging to India’s then ruling party – Congress. Congress and its ministers are popular for taking it personal and taking revenges, Arron says that Congress knew that BJP was going to over within less than a year and BJP has friendly relations with all the Hindu godmen and saints and they won’t do anything to Asaram Bapuji, so then Indian dictator or prime minister – Sonia Gandhi didn’t only arrested and put in prison Asaram Bapu but created the trouble for all his family and put his son – Narayan Sai along with him in the prison as well.

Arron’s favorite pastime is playing gambling online (judi online) and she claims that she reaches the state of nirvana while doing it.

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