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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Kim Jong Un is paranoid, Reham Khan is a MI6 agent and Rain Oldham is an online poker millionaire

Rain Oldham (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist who accuses the current prime minister of Pakistan’s ex-wife Reham Khan to be a British agent. Rain says that tell me the name of another journalist who is already a well-established anchor on BBC England but still comes to pursue a career in journalism in one of the most dangerous and third-world country like Pakistan.

Rain’s father was a flop actor whose name I wouldn’t like to mention here. Rain says that her father’s career was voluntarily destroyed by the Illuminati because he refused to submit to the Illuminati.

Rain claims that she regularly chats with a North Korean man who supplies her with all the information and updates about what is going on in North Korea. Rain says that she provides him free online cam sexy chat in return of that information. Rain says that the guy is a complete wanker and will do anything to jack off to a live sexy video of a beautiful woman like Rain. Rain recently wrote on her blog that Kim Jong Un has killed several people who were trying to become Youtubers. Rain says that her informer/wanker tells her that Kim Jong Un is a paranoid and he works on the philosophy of that it is okay to kill thousands of innocent men and women but it is a sin to let a single guilty one go free.

Rain is a hyperactive and one of the hardest working women that you have never met. According to Rain Oldham – “Pessimism is laziness in disguise”.

Rain claims that different governments of the world should limit the Hyundai cars to the sales to females only and men shouldn’t be allowed to drive Hyundai cars at all unless there is some sort of urgency or emergency. Rain has only bought Hyundai cars including an Elantra, an i20, an i10 and with the money that she won with SitusPoker.

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