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Yetis existed and they were a weird hybrid, honest and loyal TOTO agents exist and they make you rich

Etel Hilton (name changed) is an anthropologist who claims that Yetis existed for real and they were a species related to the human beings. Etel says that it is a shame that anthropologists, scientists and others do a lot of research on other human related species like neanderthals but they never fail to overlook the Yetis. Etel’s 40% time on anthropology has been spent on the study of Yetis. Etel says that at first it was unbelievable for Etel to find so much new about the Yetis single-handedly during one long trip to Nepal. After Etel got to knew so much about the Yetis in such a short span of time, she couldn’t believe that no other scientist had been able to do the same yet. Etel researched the questioned “Why?” and it turned out that most scientists and anthropologists are also like cattle and sheep, they only care about and research topics and subjects that are already popular and being researched. Since then Etel has been calling herself – one woman anthropologist army.

So far, Etel has come to the conclusion that Etel were a hybrid between the homo sapiens and the bears, she also doubts that they could be a hybrid between the neanderthals and the bears.

Etel drives a Lamborghini Diablo that she bought with the money that she won with TOTO. Etel is a TOTO fan and she has been betting regularly on the TOTO websites regularly since she found one of the most trusted TOTO agents (Agen Toto Terpercaya). She is loving the experience and still finds it hard to believe that how loyal can a gambling website be.

Etel’s most favorite book of all time is “A Backward Place” by Ruth Prawer Jhabwala and she has read the same thrice already.

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