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Claudia Guskova is an online poker millionaire but she never bought a German car with that money

Claudia Guskova (name changed) says that the German cars are overrated and the ones responsible for over-glorifying and overrating are the paid and bribed auto journalists who would do anything for money. Claudia claims that German cars including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes are deliberately over-engineered to get the most out of the customer’s pocket. Claudia is so rich off PokerCC but she still never bought a German car, all her luxury cars are Japanese and Swedish.

Claudia’s brother’s company used to manufacture bumpers and mudguards for the Opel India (now called Vauxhall) and he told Claudia how much of a rip-off the German cars and German car companies are.

Claudia’s brother used to tell her when he was in India that the Peugeot in India took the booking amount from the Indian prospects without telling them that they are intending to leave the Indian market and ran away overnight with the customer’s money. Claudia had some online chat with one such Indian gentleman who told her that he is still waiting for the Peugeot to come back to India and writing to them regularly asking them “When are you going to return my money?”

Claudia says that royal doctors still exist but they aren’t called so anymore. Claudia says that John Harvey Kellogg was nothing less than an American royal doctor of his times. He had some of the greatest industrialists of that including Henry Ford coming to him for treatment.

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