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MBA topper from the University of Wales is a daring millionaire who loves to admit his indulgence in casino and women

Navneet Channa (name changed) is an Indian who has been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 5 years. Navneet has always been a heavy criticizer of the conditions of both the public and private hospitals in the Indian subcontinent.

Navneet is a MBA in marketing from the University of Wales (UK).

Navneet’s grandmother used to be a history professor who is so passionate about the history that she is 82 now but still runs an online history forum to learn more about the history and discuss what she knows with others as well.

Navneet is planning to buy a mansion but not a car in the next 5 years as he already own 17 of those that he bought with online casino money, check out this review to know how. Navneet only drives Porsches, he owns a few Panamera Turbo Hybrids, three 911s, five Cayennes and a few others. For Navneet, cars are all about the sheer driving experience and luxury combined and nothing other than Porsche does it better.

Navneet is of the opinion that suppression of sexual desires results in suicidal thoughts and hence Navneet never stays short of sex, he has 3 voluptuous mistresses with whom he makes love from time to time.

Navneet claims that Pakistani Singer Aima Peerzada works as an expensive escort part-time in England. Navneet claims to have met and enjoyed her many times while in England. Navneet is not ashamed of admitting his addiction to the escorts, mistresses and other sins. He is a very daring gentleman and we must all look up to him to become honest like him as well. According to me, him being an honest and daring gentleman is one of the secrets behind his success, like others, he doesn’t need to worry about what others are thinking of him, he can focus 100% on his goal, aim and not to mention that his indulgence in sins always keep him happy and healthy.

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