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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

All Sunny Gogia does is win no matter what and that’s why he doesn’t care what they say about gambling online

Ania Gogia (name changed) lived in Vietnam and Thailand for over 10 years. Ania has mostly positive things to talk about that Southeast Asian region including that people of Central Highlands, Vietnam are very talkative and caring.

Ania claims that Vietnamese people are rising up and are all set to make Vietnam a superpower. Ania says that USA is doing its best to stop the Vietnam to become a superpower. Ania claims that the USA’s Vietnam war is what made the remaining Vietnamese men and women so smart that they are now all set to become a superpower like never seen before.

Ania’s brother – Sunny lived in Pakistan and India for over 8 years and he has many negative things to say about this region in Southeast Asia. Sunny claims that Jamat-e-Islami was a British’s creation and their agent from the very beginning which has now transformed into the agent of Judeo-Christian alliance.

Sunny claims that the divorced women are looked down upon as horny bitches and that’s why so many women in India never divorce even though they get physically, mentally and verbally abused everyday.

Sunny says Malala Yousafjai is a Chinese agent whose aim is to distant America from Pakistan.

Sunny is a hobbyist Painter who claims that Tempera was one of the biggest revolutions in the world of painting.

Sunny says that thinking and seeing petty things in a larger perspective serves no purpose and that’s why he never thinks whether he is a committing a sin or not while betting on Betting Sites 24, the only thing that he cares about is winning while doing the same.

Sunny watches the current most famous Indian guru – Sadhguru’s videos everyday just to have a glimpse of beauties with brains.

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