This Motivational Speaker, Urologist and Personal Trainer says that winning bets online is something that she ain’t able to stop her addiction to

Bilha Augustin (name changed) is an Urologist, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Bilha claims that a man’s virility and vigor can be checked by looking at the condition of his genitals. Bilha says that the word chastity has its origin in the word ‘male chest’ as it is the most pious part of a male body and a sign of his virility and vigor.

Bilha is extremely able, skilled, educated and talented but she lack self-control although she preaches self-control all the time in her motivational speeches. This lack of self-control is the reason why Bilha hasn’t been able to control his online gambling addiction even though she tries too hard to stay away from gambling. Bilha says that after she started reading posts on California Visit, she learnt enough tactics to make a bank with online betting but still she wants to stop betting online and offline.

Bilha likes to keep a nexus of inspirational and creative young men and women along with her all the time.

Bilha’s husband is a successful businessman who owns a chain of luxury watch and jewelry stores. Sometimes this smart and shrewd husband of Bilha does some of the stupidest things that you can imagine. One night he replaced his aquarium’s water with red wine, he wanted to see the reaction of the fishes to the red wine, he searched throughout the internet about what’s gonna happen if he does the same but couldn’t find an answer, so he decided to take the action first and then see later what is going to happen. He replaced the water with red wine before going to sleep, the first thing he did the next morning after waking up was to check what the result was, he was shocked to learn that all the fishes had died. He couldn’t stop crying later on.

Coffee Machine wholesaler traveled all of Indian subcontinent with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling

Charna Belanger (name changed) is one of the major wholesalers of coffee machines and mixer grinders in the state of Colorado. Charna recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help and support of tips and tricks that she learnt at a blog called fnopl.

Charna has a lot of things to say about the Indian subcontinent including many positive, many negative and many neutral. Charna says that the Indian Hijras (eunuchs) pass most of their time playing chess as they have nothing better to do. Charna is amazed at seeing how a society can be so negative towards a particular community. Charna also met a butcher in India who was recently arrested for kidnapping and forcing young and old women into slavery.

Charna has started believing in Pangea which she never did before since she noticed that many Indian tribes including Garasiya sweat even more than some Africans. Charna says that this is one of the proofs that the Indians have a lot in common with the Africans.

Charna met an Indian astrologer in New Delhi who told Charna that there was a Hindu priest community in the pre-historic era that lived inside the Indian ocean which Charna finds hard to believe.

Charna also met a Muslim family in the Bhopal city of the state called Madhya Pradesh in India that told Charna that they have started to make the girls and women of their house wear burqa because of the fear of the radical Hindus. This Muslim family also told Charna that the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits that occurred in the 1990s is mentioned in the Quran.

After traveling throughout the Indian subcontinent for months, Charna has come to the conclusion that India and Pakistan are not countries but sort of federations looking at the caste system, racial and lingual discrimination in the region.

This millionaire couple made millions with their export business and online bitcoin casinos

Ada Balek (name changed) and her husband – Maddy Balek made millions with exporting dry fruits and raw fruits throughout the world from the middle-eastern countries and you will be surprised to know that what used to be their biggest financial support – betting on Best Bitcoin Casinos, whenever the couple needed some financial support, they didn’t look at their friends, family or anything but rather towards the bitcoin casinos which always made them win huge amounts.

Ada and Maddy’s favorite tour and vacation destinations are all in South America and the top on their list is Chile. They both say that there is something about the heat of the Chile that attracts them to it. Ada was with the Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman this month when he was on his trip to Pakistan and India. Ada was there with Imran Khan and Mohammad Bin Salman when Imran Khan joked with the Saudi Crown Prince that he has promised the farmers of his country that soon enough they will travel in state sponsored spacecrafts soon enough.

While in India, Mohammad Bin Salman fell in love with the Royal Enfield and he even bought 5 of those then and there. Mohammad Bin Salman said that he liked the Royal Enfield even more than Harley Davidson.

Ada says that Mohammad Bin Salman is a sex addict as well and she had fun with a different Russian escort each night throughout his trip in India and Pakistan.

Once while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Maddy met an Arab royal family member who blasted grenades in the desert just for fun. And once while in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Ada met a man who bumped his Nissan Patrol into a huge tree as a live crash test.

Maddy and Ada’s daughter – Elena is a motorcycle designer for a Japanese brand and within this short span, she has already won a couple of awards for her marvelous work.

Jessica Moreno inaugurated a top notch art gallery with FIFA55 money

Jessica Moreno (name changed) is a business consultant who recently inaugurated an art gallery that features photographs, paintings, sculptures and books. Jessica could never imagine that she will have her own art gallery but gambling tricks and tips blogs like fnopl made it really possible.

Jessica is an immigrant from Moldova in the USA that has a reputation of providing quintessential service to her business consultancy clients.

Jessica claims that she knows some mysterious hackers that can hack IP addresses.

Jessica predicts that Microsoft will be bankrupt by 2029 as the Microsoft isn’t able to innovate at all. Jessica has advised all her friends to sell their Microsoft shares as she believes that the prices of the Microsoft shares are only going to go down from now on.

Jessica believes that the Anti-Christ has sown his evil seeds but he will never be able to reap the rewards.

Jessica has done an extensive research on the ancient Israel’s eye-to-eye punishment but still she hasn’t been able to find the answer to the question about what used to be the punishment if someone stole someone’s wife.

Jessica claims that Dinosaurs were a breed of a Elephants that were much larger in size. Jessica says that the Dinosaurs had big trunks like the Elephants which the scientists aren’t able to find and making up fake stories.

Jessica’s best friend – Nazia is a professional spammer with a good personality. Nazia’s husband – Junaid is a real estate agent in California who says that the Sephardic Jewish community is obsessed with homes and offices on walls.

Nazia’s husband Junaid has been doing a research on cat’s emotions. Junaid says that learning about cats will help make him know more about the women.

Nazia loves to eat Kazakh kiwis and she claims that these are more nutritious than any other kiwis.

Annie Chevrolet doesn’t own a Chevrolet but she is going to have her own cement company with the money she won with online bets

Annie Chevrolet (name changed) says that the National Geographic channel taught her more than her day school classrooms. Annie wants to start her own cement business with the money that she won with betting on Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188).

Annie worked with an anti-terrorist squad till about a couple of years ago. Annie says that her appetite has reduced a lot since she stopped working with the anti-terrorist squad. Annie claims that the people working with the anti-terrorist squads eat a lot because they use their energy a lot.

Annie encountered several terrorists during her anti-terrorist squad career and meanwhile Annie observed that the terrorist organizations voluntarily recruit uneducated men and women from the lower strata of the society to work with them as they can be-fooled very easily and have almost no reach to the people that can put them on the right path.

Annie claims that there are trillions stacked in the Bahamas’s secret illegal banks.

Annie’s sister is a forest products wholesaler who loves to write essays. Annie’s sister wants to become a Zoologist but her parents suggested that she become a doctor instead which she did but her clinic never has any patients.

Annie’s husband worked for World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for a while. He says that the terrorists were planning to bomb the headquarters of WMO in Switzerland but somebody tipped the cops and the terrorists were successfully caught. The French government decided to keep it a secret and nobody even told the media or any journalist about it. The employees were told not to tell about the incident even to their families but some like Annie’s husband did.

Annie says that Renault played a huge role in promoting friendship between India and France.

American conspiracy theorist of Pakistani origin – Jumana Craven has been extremely lucky with m88

Jumana Craven (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the 6th President of Pakistan – Muhammad Zia Ul Haq was killed by the Russian KGB. Jumana accuses Vietnam People’s Public Security of working for the KGB and she says that it was VPPS’s men who did the task.

Jumana is an American of Pakistani origin. She loves the country of her origin so much that she couldn’t believe it when she was told as a child that her country has lost so many wars.

Jumana’s grandfather claims to have met the Israeli Spy – Eli Cohen in person. He told Jumana that Eli knew all the European languages, Middle-Eastern languages, Urdu, Punjabi and Japanese language. This grandfather of Jumana also told her that the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been working as an agent of Israel for decades which Jumana has observed and researched herself and turned out that her grandfather was right in this regard.

Jumana’s belief in Allah and Islam grew even stronger when she was in Saudi Arabia and she observed that the Archanids of Saudi Arabia react in a very positive way when they hear the words Muhammad, Hagar, Ishmael or Abraham.

Jumana loves to read and her most favorite book of all time is Paulo Coelho’s The Winner Stands Alone. Jumana says that HarperCollins Publishers always publish the best books.

Jumana claims that there were canteens in ancient Greece. Jumana says that Pythagoras created his most popular and widespread Pythagoras theorem in a canteen.

Jumana’s neighborhood is full of peanut butter, jam, jelly and pickle business people, one of those business people told Jumana about m88. Jumana never ever gambled before this but she has been quite lucky with this m88 thing.

From a toilet cleaner to the top plastic bottle wholesaler, Luca owes her success to her friendly nature

Luca Podolski (name changed) lusted after BMWs for years of her life but bought Lexus instead when she finally could buy one. Luca is the chairperson of one of the biggest plastic bottle companies in United States that sells plastic bottles molded at Dongguan in China.

Luca’s friendly behavior got her in touch with a USB drive manufacturer who told her that Republic of China is the Mecca for buying plastic bottles at 1/15th of the price that they sell for. Luca’s friendly behavior also made her a good friend of a former arm wrestling champion who told her that he has been making money with online casinos and gambling since the day he retired from his arm wrestling career. He also told Luca about his favorite blog for online gambling tips and tricks – Steve Chu.

Although Luca firmly believes that the key to the mainstream media is the key to the business success in the modern times, she never advertised her business ever on television.

Luca has also been thinking about getting into an emerging business of Punjabi shoes which are called ‘Khusas’ in Punjabi language. Luca says that these Punjabi shoes are extremely uncomfortable but still they have been selling like hot cakes in her state and especially her vicinity where thousands of Sikhs live.

Luca hasn’t been able to figure out why most modern news anchors are sex bombs rather than good and intelligent speakers.

Luca accuses most US, Western European and Indian political parties IT cells of being Jewish lobby IT cells in reality.

At the end of March, 2019, Luca is going to fulfill her dream of living on a hilly mansion.

Luca really regrets the years that she wasted when she resisted change and kept working at her cleaning job which she hated.

From a struggling freelance services provider to becoming a successful furniture manufacturer, Esther’s story is a fascinating one

Esther Blanchet (name changed) is a manufacturer of furniture, most of her company’s clients include chess board wholesalers and companies.

Esther’s sister – Nelda recently got arrested for hunting Gulls. Nelda had no idea that hunting Gulls was illegal in her state and country. Nelda was out to hunt the Gulls for the second time when someone knocked out the forest department guys. Nelda is still in prison.

Nelda is a school teacher who has told Esther multiple times that the principal of her school is very mysterious and she feels scared of her.

Nelda gets too annoyed when someone tries to compare modern people and modern times with the medieval or ancient times. Nelda says that it is very rarely apt to compare the modern times with any time in the history.

Nelda has a weakness for rich and handsome strangers, she gets attracted to them way too easily.

Esther knows several successful sportsmen and women. She says that many of these tried to enter the medical field but never could pass the entrance exams.

Esther sold stuff on eBay as well before getting to know about how she could get rich so easily with online betting. It was a blog called Armagh War Memorial that got Esther really serious about the online betting stuff. Anyways, Esther started her eBay career with selling plastic spoons online which stopped selling after the myth got popular that using plastic utensils is very dangerous.

Esther also tried her luck with Fiverr. She listed many services on Fiverr, participated in forum but never got a single sale. Esther always believed in the statement that VFM products never fail but she lost her belief when after trying for months on Fiverr, having top notch value for money services, she didn’t get a single sale.

Ashley Ferrari still cannot afford a Ferrari but she recently upgraded from Honda Scooter to Porsche Cayenne GT

Ashley Ferrari (name changed) never owned a Ferrari but she recently upgraded from Honda Scooters to Porsche Cayenne GT with the help of betting on football gambling (judi bola) websites.

Ashley served in the military and she claims that most of the major countries’s armies have their own secret languages including the United States, United Kingdom, India, China.

Ashley claims that Tyagi people of India are Uralic tribes from Finland.

Ashley says that the Western Europe will soon turn into the bigger gutter of the world if somebody doesn’t do something about the immigration.

Ashley claims the school and college books are meant to make people stupid and weak. The kids who study hard are more likely to become stupid once they grow up which is what the governments and multinational companies want.

Ashley studied accounting and bookkeeping with a distance learning school.

Having lived in New York and London for years, Ashley got to met, know and become familiar with several Sikh and Muslim people. Ashley claims that people from both the religion have a sense of peculiar unity but the Sikhs have a greater sense of unity than their Muslim counterparts.

Ashley stayed in Jordan for 4 weeks and fell in love with the country. She says that Jordan is the most underrated heaven on earth. Throughout her stay of 4 weeks there, she noted down each and every stuff that she saw and the events that occurred there.

Ashley doesn’t understand or speak Punjabi or Urdu language but she watches the Pakistani show Khabarzar regularly on the Youtube in her Porsche Cayenne GT.

Ashley claims the Asian expulsion in 1972 by Idi Amin from Uganda was financed and masterminded by the government of Pakistan and the Volkswagen. The involvement of Pakistan is quite inevitable but the Volkswagen was involved because the socialist-communist-democratic government of India never allowed Volkswagen to sell its vehicles in India although they tried over and over several times.

From a petty Twitter favorites and followers sellers to a prosperous online businesswoman, Halifa has come a long way with the help of online casinos

Halifa Capell (name changed) is sort of a conspiracy theorist who claims that a young Chinese businessman is planning to take control of Mitsubishi and then ultimately transform it into the greatest Japanese automobile company.

Halifa claims that the white people are planning to exterminate all the Muslim Arab population without gas chambers.

Halifa says that banks shouldn’t be allowed to charge compound interest anymore.

Halifa claims that the government of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka are secretly planning to become one and they are being funded by the Russia and China for this task to weaken India.

Halifa claims that SEAT is planning to make even a more expensive and better car than the Bugatti Veyron.

Halifa is currently one of the biggest sellers on eBay. You will be amazed to learn that Halifa started her eBay career with selling Twitter followers, retweets and favorites on eBay. There was a time when Halifa couldn’t even spell her eBay store’s products name right when she got enough money to expand her store with the help of

After learning that the American president Donald Trump recently made a huge investment in the city called Pune in Maharashtra, India, Halifa decided to buy an expensive bungalow in Lulla Nagar, Pune.

Halifa’s husband is a general practitioner who has been busy lately trying to invent what he calls “A contraceptive pill without any side effects”. Halifa’s husband is unbelievably polite but speaks a lot of slangs when angry.

The politeness perhaps runs in the blood of the Halifa’s in-laws, Halifa’s sister-in-law is a model who replies personally and promptly to all the serious and polite fans on Twitter.

Along with her prosperous eBay business, Halifa is now planning to build an e-commerce store with a premium feel.

From selling mangoes on Craigslist to becoming the greatest wooden box seller of all time on eBay

Fimi Bayly (name changed) started her online business career with selling mangoes on Craigslist, eBay and several grocery websites. For the past 3 years, Fimi has been selling furniture online and perhaps she is the biggest seller of the wooden boxes on eBay.

Before embarking on her online business journey, Fimi worked as a maid for the popular 80s singer – Taylor Dayne at her house. Fimi claims that Taylor Dayne is asexual and Fimi founder her in compromising situation with people of both the genders and with men and women of different sexual orientations but Taylor Dayne never enjoyed it, she just wanted to explore and verify her own sexual orientation.

Fimi used to be a tennis enthusiast at one point of time and she claims that India’s tennis legend – Leander Paes cannot win a single match with any major tennis player. She says that all the matches that he ever participated in were fixed. She says that the real tennis legend is Aqeel Khan of Pakistan but they kidnapped his family members and forced him to lose almost each and every major tennis match.

Fimi believes that ghosts exist and they mostly like to live at the hill stations. Fimi claims to have encountered several ghosts herself including the moving, whispering and soothing ones (all on different hill stations).

Fimi doesn’t have any special sympathy or any such thing with the politicians but she claims that she knows several merchant navy officers and these guys are more corrupt than the politicians of any country, still nobody criticizes these guys or do anything about it.

Fimi has a bad addiction of touching wood all the time whenever she is involved in something risky or significant, she always has one hand of her stuck with wood whenever she is betting on and perhaps that’s the reason why she comes out a winner 70 out of 100 times.