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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

From a petty Twitter favorites and followers sellers to a prosperous online businesswoman, Halifa has come a long way with the help of online casinos

Halifa Capell (name changed) is sort of a conspiracy theorist who claims that a young Chinese businessman is planning to take control of Mitsubishi and then ultimately transform it into the greatest Japanese automobile company.

Halifa claims that the white people are planning to exterminate all the Muslim Arab population without gas chambers.

Halifa says that banks shouldn’t be allowed to charge compound interest anymore.

Halifa claims that the government of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka are secretly planning to become one and they are being funded by the Russia and China for this task to weaken India.

Halifa claims that SEAT is planning to make even a more expensive and better car than the Bugatti Veyron.

Halifa is currently one of the biggest sellers on eBay. You will be amazed to learn that Halifa started her eBay career with selling Twitter followers, retweets and favorites on eBay. There was a time when Halifa couldn’t even spell her eBay store’s products name right when she got enough money to expand her store with the help of

After learning that the American president Donald Trump recently made a huge investment in the city called Pune in Maharashtra, India, Halifa decided to buy an expensive bungalow in Lulla Nagar, Pune.

Halifa’s husband is a general practitioner who has been busy lately trying to invent what he calls “A contraceptive pill without any side effects”. Halifa’s husband is unbelievably polite but speaks a lot of slangs when angry.

The politeness perhaps runs in the blood of the Halifa’s in-laws, Halifa’s sister-in-law is a model who replies personally and promptly to all the serious and polite fans on Twitter.

Along with her prosperous eBay business, Halifa is now planning to build an e-commerce store with a premium feel.

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