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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Ashley Ferrari still cannot afford a Ferrari but she recently upgraded from Honda Scooter to Porsche Cayenne GT

Ashley Ferrari (name changed) never owned a Ferrari but she recently upgraded from Honda Scooters to Porsche Cayenne GT with the help of betting on football gambling (judi bola) websites.

Ashley served in the military and she claims that most of the major countries’s armies have their own secret languages including the United States, United Kingdom, India, China.

Ashley claims that Tyagi people of India are Uralic tribes from Finland.

Ashley says that the Western Europe will soon turn into the bigger gutter of the world if somebody doesn’t do something about the immigration.

Ashley claims the school and college books are meant to make people stupid and weak. The kids who study hard are more likely to become stupid once they grow up which is what the governments and multinational companies want.

Ashley studied accounting and bookkeeping with a distance learning school.

Having lived in New York and London for years, Ashley got to met, know and become familiar with several Sikh and Muslim people. Ashley claims that people from both the religion have a sense of peculiar unity but the Sikhs have a greater sense of unity than their Muslim counterparts.

Ashley stayed in Jordan for 4 weeks and fell in love with the country. She says that Jordan is the most underrated heaven on earth. Throughout her stay of 4 weeks there, she noted down each and every stuff that she saw and the events that occurred there.

Ashley doesn’t understand or speak Punjabi or Urdu language but she watches the Pakistani show Khabarzar regularly on the Youtube in her Porsche Cayenne GT.

Ashley claims the Asian expulsion in 1972 by Idi Amin from Uganda was financed and masterminded by the government of Pakistan and the Volkswagen. The involvement of Pakistan is quite inevitable but the Volkswagen was involved because the socialist-communist-democratic government of India never allowed Volkswagen to sell its vehicles in India although they tried over and over several times.

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