From a struggling freelance services provider to becoming a successful furniture manufacturer, Esther’s story is a fascinating one

Esther Blanchet (name changed) is a manufacturer of furniture, most of her company’s clients include chess board wholesalers and companies.

Esther’s sister – Nelda recently got arrested for hunting Gulls. Nelda had no idea that hunting Gulls was illegal in her state and country. Nelda was out to hunt the Gulls for the second time when someone knocked out the forest department guys. Nelda is still in prison.

Nelda is a school teacher who has told Esther multiple times that the principal of her school is very mysterious and she feels scared of her.

Nelda gets too annoyed when someone tries to compare modern people and modern times with the medieval or ancient times. Nelda says that it is very rarely apt to compare the modern times with any time in the history.

Nelda has a weakness for rich and handsome strangers, she gets attracted to them way too easily.

Esther knows several successful sportsmen and women. She says that many of these tried to enter the medical field but never could pass the entrance exams.

Esther sold stuff on eBay as well before getting to know about how she could get rich so easily with online betting. It was a blog called Armagh War Memorial that got Esther really serious about the online betting stuff. Anyways, Esther started her eBay career with selling plastic spoons online which stopped selling after the myth got popular that using plastic utensils is very dangerous.

Esther also tried her luck with Fiverr. She listed many services on Fiverr, participated in forum but never got a single sale. Esther always believed in the statement that VFM products never fail but she lost her belief when after trying for months on Fiverr, having top notch value for money services, she didn’t get a single sale.

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