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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

From a toilet cleaner to the top plastic bottle wholesaler, Luca owes her success to her friendly nature

Luca Podolski (name changed) lusted after BMWs for years of her life but bought Lexus instead when she finally could buy one. Luca is the chairperson of one of the biggest plastic bottle companies in United States that sells plastic bottles molded at Dongguan in China.

Luca’s friendly behavior got her in touch with a USB drive manufacturer who told her that Republic of China is the Mecca for buying plastic bottles at 1/15th of the price that they sell for. Luca’s friendly behavior also made her a good friend of a former arm wrestling champion who told her that he has been making money with online casinos and gambling since the day he retired from his arm wrestling career. He also told Luca about his favorite blog for online gambling tips and tricks – Steve Chu.

Although Luca firmly believes that the key to the mainstream media is the key to the business success in the modern times, she never advertised her business ever on television.

Luca has also been thinking about getting into an emerging business of Punjabi shoes which are called ‘Khusas’ in Punjabi language. Luca says that these Punjabi shoes are extremely uncomfortable but still they have been selling like hot cakes in her state and especially her vicinity where thousands of Sikhs live.

Luca hasn’t been able to figure out why most modern news anchors are sex bombs rather than good and intelligent speakers.

Luca accuses most US, Western European and Indian political parties IT cells of being Jewish lobby IT cells in reality.

At the end of March, 2019, Luca is going to fulfill her dream of living on a hilly mansion.

Luca really regrets the years that she wasted when she resisted change and kept working at her cleaning job which she hated.

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