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American conspiracy theorist of Pakistani origin – Jumana Craven has been extremely lucky with m88

Jumana Craven (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the 6th President of Pakistan – Muhammad Zia Ul Haq was killed by the Russian KGB. Jumana accuses Vietnam People’s Public Security of working for the KGB and she says that it was VPPS’s men who did the task.

Jumana is an American of Pakistani origin. She loves the country of her origin so much that she couldn’t believe it when she was told as a child that her country has lost so many wars.

Jumana’s grandfather claims to have met the Israeli Spy – Eli Cohen in person. He told Jumana that Eli knew all the European languages, Middle-Eastern languages, Urdu, Punjabi and Japanese language. This grandfather of Jumana also told her that the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been working as an agent of Israel for decades which Jumana has observed and researched herself and turned out that her grandfather was right in this regard.

Jumana’s belief in Allah and Islam grew even stronger when she was in Saudi Arabia and she observed that the Archanids of Saudi Arabia react in a very positive way when they hear the words Muhammad, Hagar, Ishmael or Abraham.

Jumana loves to read and her most favorite book of all time is Paulo Coelho’s The Winner Stands Alone. Jumana says that HarperCollins Publishers always publish the best books.

Jumana claims that there were canteens in ancient Greece. Jumana says that Pythagoras created his most popular and widespread Pythagoras theorem in a canteen.

Jumana’s neighborhood is full of peanut butter, jam, jelly and pickle business people, one of those business people told Jumana about m88. Jumana never ever gambled before this but she has been quite lucky with this m88 thing.

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