This millionaire couple made millions with their export business and online bitcoin casinos

Ada Balek (name changed) and her husband – Maddy Balek made millions with exporting dry fruits and raw fruits throughout the world from the middle-eastern countries and you will be surprised to know that what used to be their biggest financial support – betting on Best Bitcoin Casinos, whenever the couple needed some financial support, they didn’t look at their friends, family or anything but rather towards the bitcoin casinos which always made them win huge amounts.

Ada and Maddy’s favorite tour and vacation destinations are all in South America and the top on their list is Chile. They both say that there is something about the heat of the Chile that attracts them to it. Ada was with the Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman this month when he was on his trip to Pakistan and India. Ada was there with Imran Khan and Mohammad Bin Salman when Imran Khan joked with the Saudi Crown Prince that he has promised the farmers of his country that soon enough they will travel in state sponsored spacecrafts soon enough.

While in India, Mohammad Bin Salman fell in love with the Royal Enfield and he even bought 5 of those then and there. Mohammad Bin Salman said that he liked the Royal Enfield even more than Harley Davidson.

Ada says that Mohammad Bin Salman is a sex addict as well and she had fun with a different Russian escort each night throughout his trip in India and Pakistan.

Once while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Maddy met an Arab royal family member who blasted grenades in the desert just for fun. And once while in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Ada met a man who bumped his Nissan Patrol into a huge tree as a live crash test.

Maddy and Ada’s daughter – Elena is a motorcycle designer for a Japanese brand and within this short span, she has already won a couple of awards for her marvelous work.

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