Coffee Machine wholesaler traveled all of Indian subcontinent with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling

Charna Belanger (name changed) is one of the major wholesalers of coffee machines and mixer grinders in the state of Colorado. Charna recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help and support of tips and tricks that she learnt at a blog called fnopl.

Charna has a lot of things to say about the Indian subcontinent including many positive, many negative and many neutral. Charna says that the Indian Hijras (eunuchs) pass most of their time playing chess as they have nothing better to do. Charna is amazed at seeing how a society can be so negative towards a particular community. Charna also met a butcher in India who was recently arrested for kidnapping and forcing young and old women into slavery.

Charna has started believing in Pangea which she never did before since she noticed that many Indian tribes including Garasiya sweat even more than some Africans. Charna says that this is one of the proofs that the Indians have a lot in common with the Africans.

Charna met an Indian astrologer in New Delhi who told Charna that there was a Hindu priest community in the pre-historic era that lived inside the Indian ocean which Charna finds hard to believe.

Charna also met a Muslim family in the Bhopal city of the state called Madhya Pradesh in India that told Charna that they have started to make the girls and women of their house wear burqa because of the fear of the radical Hindus. This Muslim family also told Charna that the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits that occurred in the 1990s is mentioned in the Quran.

After traveling throughout the Indian subcontinent for months, Charna has come to the conclusion that India and Pakistan are not countries but sort of federations looking at the caste system, racial and lingual discrimination in the region.

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