This Motivational Speaker, Urologist and Personal Trainer says that winning bets online is something that she ain’t able to stop her addiction to

Bilha Augustin (name changed) is an Urologist, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Bilha claims that a man’s virility and vigor can be checked by looking at the condition of his genitals. Bilha says that the word chastity has its origin in the word ‘male chest’ as it is the most pious part of a male body and a sign of his virility and vigor.

Bilha is extremely able, skilled, educated and talented but she lack self-control although she preaches self-control all the time in her motivational speeches. This lack of self-control is the reason why Bilha hasn’t been able to control his online gambling addiction even though she tries too hard to stay away from gambling. Bilha says that after she started reading posts on California Visit, she learnt enough tactics to make a bank with online betting but still she wants to stop betting online and offline.

Bilha likes to keep a nexus of inspirational and creative young men and women along with her all the time.

Bilha’s husband is a successful businessman who owns a chain of luxury watch and jewelry stores. Sometimes this smart and shrewd husband of Bilha does some of the stupidest things that you can imagine. One night he replaced his aquarium’s water with red wine, he wanted to see the reaction of the fishes to the red wine, he searched throughout the internet about what’s gonna happen if he does the same but couldn’t find an answer, so he decided to take the action first and then see later what is going to happen. He replaced the water with red wine before going to sleep, the first thing he did the next morning after waking up was to check what the result was, he was shocked to learn that all the fishes had died. He couldn’t stop crying later on.

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