Actions speak louder than words and gambling makes you more money than your full-time business

Aslaug Benatar is the daughter of an infamous Chicago serial killer. Aslaug says that her father used to be a wonderful parent and he always gave great advice to his kids including the emphasis on the bad consequences of drinking alcohol and doing drugs.

Aslaug is a Reiki therapist with a passion for retro clothing especially from the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Just last week, Aslaug inaugurated her own retro clothing store and she hopes to start a retro clothing store chain soon enough if she keeps winning online bets at the similar pace. Aslaug is extremely thankful to the blogs like Venice Foursquare Church which provided her with tips, tricks and motivation to keep winning those bets.

As per her father’s advice, Aslaug never touched the alcohol but her brother Oliver drinks every weekends in moderation. Oliver likes scotch more but he drinks rye whiskey to feel more American. Oliver served in the army in his younger years. Oliver says that most guys that were in the army with him and have retired now have started their own bars.

Aslaug was posted in Afghanistan for a while where he noticed that Afghanistan is a forest of untalented, unskilled and stupid people.

Aslaug claims that half of the monarchies in the middle-east are controlled by the Russia while the rest half are controlled by the USA.

There was a time when Aslaug used to be extremely obsessed with the holy land and the Jewish religion and that’s when he made tons of observations about that very thing. Aslaug claims that the King David personally believed that Yahweh is a fake god and the real god is Jupiter. Aslaug says that it is nowhere mentioned in any of the texts that he believed so but the actions speak louder than words.

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