Maryam and her husband haven’t become parents yet but they love Omaha parents of multiples

Maryam Bohac was born in Beirut, Lebanon and in the year 2013, she decided to become an European national because she feared that something like the Syrian civil war was very much likely to take place in Lebanon as well. Maryam had to choose between becoming a Cyprus national or a Maltese national, she was very confused because she loves beaches and the seas but finally she couldn’t say ‘no’ to the exotic architecture of Malta and decided to become a Maltese national.

Maryam says that Azure Arch – the natural arch in the open seas of Malta is the most beautiful thing that she has ever seen. Maryam met her husband in Malta as well, he is an MD of a major Maltese company with a habit of eating salted peanuts all the time, he stays constipated due to this very habit of his all the time but he cannot stop because he says that it increases his vigor and virility like nothing else.

Maryam’s husband decided to learn Arabic after meeting Maryam although Maryam and her husband both speak fluent English and hence they never had any issues while communication. He decided to learn the Arabic because he heard that poetry doesn’t sound better in any other language and he wanted to act a little more romantic to his wife. After learning the Arabic, he started to learn Persian as well because now he feels that his brain has become so much more profound and he believes that it is because learning Semitic languages makes one smarter. He says that he will learn Hebrew and Urdu as well after becoming fluent in the Persian language.

Maryam recently learnt Thai and to practice her language, she bets on none other websites than the ones based out of Thailand. Maryam is also a regular reader of Thai gambling blogs like Omaha parents of multiples.

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