Frida Benli started a treadmill business with the FIFA55 money

Frida Benli claims that not all planets revolve around their axes, it is a false belief and a myth created by the fraudulent scientists to hide the fact that the sun is getting smaller with time and so is moon while many other planets including Uranus and Neptune are getting larger.

Frida says that she is certain that the aliens on the planets yet undiscovered invented the automobiles long ago than the human beings on planet earth and it should not come as a surprise that their automobiles are far more advanced than the ones that we do drive.

Frida lived in Armenia for a while where she noticed that some Non-Christians still worship the planet Mercury as their god.

Frida claims that taller people are great leaders and have a quality of taking people together, she gives the example of Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein to confirm her belief.

Frida lived in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1996-1997. Frida says that an internet connection was 600 Euros a month in some parts of the Bosnia back then.

Frida says that the books have played a major role in her life. Frida’s most favorite book of all time is ‘What Every Woman Should know about her breasts’ by Patricia Gilbert. Frida successfully stopped smoking after reading the book called ‘Stop Smoking for the Last Time: You can Unlock the Power to Quit Struggle-Free’ by George Wissing.

Frida claims that social justice is still a myth and there is no such thing as social justice in most parts of the world, especially the African continent, most of Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. Frida says that one needs to live in these parts to understand what she is meant by her statement.

Frida recently started a treadmill business with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help of the tricks and tips that she learnt with sport equipment standards.

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