Renault was the best thing that happened to Nissan, Le Cost Killer was the best CEO ever, FIFA55 is the best sort of online betting

Rachel Gomez has a degree in economics and she claims that after doing an extensive research and study, she has come to the conclusion that the countries with lesser Gross National Income have companies that offer less customer satisfaction. Rachel likes to give the example of Indian and South Korean companies which most people believe that have progressed a lot but their products are not reliable whereas their sales people are great at selling those.

Rachel’s brother – Raphael went from being a Tyre retailer to a Tyre manufacturer. Raphael’s life changed for the positive after he accidentally came across a gambling blog that goes by the name cittaslow seferihisar. Raphael has since won millions of US Dollars with bets placed with the help of tricks and tips that he learnt through these blogs.

Raphael’s girlfriend used to carry synthetic leather handbags with her but now she buys the most expensive genuine leather bags since Raphael became a millionaire.

Raphael is a great car and motorbike enthusiast. He says that he had very bad experience with diesel motorcycles and he is never going to buy another one even in a nightmare.

Raphael lived in Singapore for a while and he hated it for its vehicle policies. Raphael says that he prefers living in Zaire than Singapore because he hates Singapore for its traffic and vehicle policies so much.

Raphael is a huge fan of the Ex-CEO and Chairman of first Renault and then Nissan. Raphel says that Le Cost Killer was the best and most charismatic CEO ever.

Raphael claims that Renault is the best thing that ever happened to the Nissan which is quite opposite to the popular belief. Raphael says that nobody could have saved Nissan if it didn’t merge with Renault.

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