After Spodra went bankrupt, DominoQQ lifted her up so much that she bought a manufacturing company of her own within less than 8 months

Spodra Basak used to be a cotton importer and exporter until she went bankrupt because of the same. Spodra says that cotton business is one of the worst businesses to get into. After Spodra went bankrupt, she started selling handmade soft toys on Etsy, Winnie the Pooh used to be the best selling handmade toy at Spodra’s Etsy store. Spodra knew that she will never be able to fulfill her dreams if she kept selling at Etsy so she started betting on DominoQQ websites with the help of a trusted agent (agen dominoqq terpercaya), within less than 8 months, Spodra won enough money to buy a Diabetes Special Slippers manufacturing company of her own, which is quite a great achievement.

Spodra did a lot of research on the world economics while selling on Etsy, Spodra says that the literacy rate off a country is directly proportional to the income of the people of a country, but Spodra still wonders why Croatia is not as developed as other European countries although the level of education is on par with most other topmost developed European countries.

Spodra claims that the secret behind the success of the French people is that they work harder on themselves than they do on their job.

Spodra has many of her family members in the armed forces and she says that most of the people in the armed forces are addicted to tobacco, tea and coffee.

Spodra is such a nationalist that she fells into tears after seeing her national flag each time she sees it.

Spodra says that she wants to create a NGO of her own after she achieves a couple of things that she has for herself in her mind. Spodra says that 99% of the people working at NGOs are very emotional, caring and humble people, it is only 1% that are corrupt.

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