History buff made hundreds of thousands of dollars with BandarQ

Alena Zerafa wonders why the official book of the Republic of China is White Book instead of being red. Alena reads business strategy books all the time and she says that competition doesn’t always lead to innovation, sometimes it is the worst thing for the innovative ideas for a business.

Alena says that nice guys end up last is just a myth created by some losers.

Alena was given the offer to join as a MD at her uncle’s company but she refused the offer and chose to work at a nearby Sears just for her self-respect.

Working at Sears, Alena made hundreds of thousands of dollars, no, not with her job at the Sears but instead winning those bets with the help of a  trusted BandarQ dealer (agen bandarq terpercaya).

Alena is a history buff and she keeps making regular claims about several things which she believes have been misinterpreted by the historians, for example, Alena claims that the Veddas people of Sri Lanka are the real vedic ancient Indians, rest are all immigrants.

Alena claims to have seen aliens coming out of a space shuttle. The space shuttle looked just like a Subaru SVX.

Alena said that she read in a book that Gautama Buddha wanted to take a trip of Israel to learn more about the Judaism but was threatened for his life when he expressed his desire to visit Israel because the Hindus feared that it would be the end of their own religion.

Alena believes that Protestants and Jews are more visionary compared to the people of other religions.

Alena recently wrote on her one and only blog that the famous British Astronomer Sir William Herschel really believed that the Jesus will be back but never said it publicly because his image in the public was that of an agnostic.

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