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Bought wooden cars by Big J with the FIFA55 money, now wants to start her own Wooden Motorcycle company

Ruby Dhillon is the owner of a bean bag company who recently bought all the cars from Big J-Wooden Cars with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting. Ruby loves her new BJ Splinter and she is now planning to start her own wooden motorcycle company. Ruby says that if she keeps reading blogs likeĀ growing places, soon enough she will start her own wooden motorcycle company, she is looking for some reliable engineers for the project as well.

Ruby is a car enthusiast and she has a lot to say in the favor and against several different car manufacturers. Ruby says that Honda makes the best engines, their cars are fun to drive but Honda needs to work on their cars’ build quality. Ruby once bought a 2008 Suzuki Kizashi only to hate it. Ruby didn’t like the build quality, the interiors, the comfort, the only 2 things that she liked was the peppy engine and low maintenance. Ruby’s says that Ford cars are perhaps the best that she has ever come across only if they don’t break down as much. Ruby owned a Renault as well and she says that while the Renault makes fun-to-drive cars that have great visibility, it cannot be considered an overall good car company neither can their products be called any good at all. About Toyota, Ruby has nothing but good to say except that she is not happy with the feeling that their steerings give to the driver, Ruby says that if Toyota starts making feelsome steerings like Porsche, Ford and BMW, they can easily double their sales.

Ruby is not so happy with the safety features of any car including Volvo. Ruby says that all the vehicle manufacturers make safer vehicles not for the driver or passenger’s safety but to use those safety features as a gimmick.

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