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Businesswoman bought an Audi S6 with the help of NRK

Brooke Lesnar is an auto enthusiast, blogger and businesswoman who claims that she has the secret information about Suzuki wanting to get into manufacturing fighter jets and helicopters told to her by someone reliable and trustworthy. Brooke says that the same person told her several right predictions in the past as well.

Brooke advises everyone on her blog and other places including different forums as well to never buy a Fiat or a Hyundai as these 2 are the most unreliable car makers on earth. Brooke says that when given a choice, she will choose a Fiat over a Hyundai as she prefers the joy of driving with unreliability rather than hating the drive with an unreliable car.

Brooke is never tired of repeating that many sedans, SUVs and Crossovers of the modern day drive like a sports cars and many sports cars drive worst than a station wagon.

Brooke says that she has a secret information about Idi Amin as well and that information is that Idi Amin didn’t even know the name of a luxury car manufacturer other than the Land Rover and Mercedes when he bought the first convoy for himself. Brooke says that it was a few months after the Operation Entebbe that Idi Amin got to know that other luxury car makers also existed.

Brooke is very critical of the Volkswagen’s action of trying to keep its own subsidiary – Skoda, a bit behind the Volkswagen. Brooke says that no matter how hard the Volkswagen tries, it is funny that the Skoda always comes as a more attractive package compared to the Volkswagen of the similar segment.

Brooke loves to make prank calls or bet online during her spare time. Brooke has been extremely lucky with her online gambling career till now, thanks to nrk net. Brooke recently bought her favorite Audi S6 with the money that she won with online betting over a period of one year.

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