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Kamon Chevapravatdumrong is hated but respected because of her money that she won with UFA betting

Kamon Chevapravatdumrong wears leather jeans and jacket during the summer season but skimpy clothes in the winter season. Many believe that Kamon does the same to get attention but Kamon says that she does it for spiritual reasons as when she looks different from others, she doesn’t attract the negative but only positive energy from the others. Kamon hates it when some think of her as a prostitute when they see her walking by wearing tank tops and short skirts in the winters.

Kamon brags that the allowance that her daughter – Kamna receives from Kamon is more than Kamna’s annual salary. Kamna sometimes feels infuriated by Kamon’s arrogant and sometimes brashy attitude because of her newfound wealth but she doesn’t separate from her mother because she cannot imagine herself driving that Mini Cooper S and wearing the most expensive dresses without the allowance that her mother gives her. Kamon is rich off betting on an online betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) website and the most shocking thing is that everyone else in her family also tried making money off the same betting website but only ended up losing. Kamon brags that they would have started worshiping her as Goddess Lakshmi if she were born in India as the Indians worship Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and they gamble on Diwali in Goddess Lakshmi’s glory. Kamon sometimes thinks of moving to India believing that some superstitious and fearful Indians will start worshiping her and she might exploit them as well for money and the power.

Kamon loves to listen to the hip-hop and her all time favorite hip-hop song is a relatively new one and it is ‘Money and Power’ by Rick Ross aka Rich Ross.

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