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I kicked my business links the day I discovered online gambling

Hard-working amateur political analyst had never been so happy before

Boonsri Areekul’s father owned a huge farm and to help him, she studied arboriculture whole-heartedly to help her father at his farm.

Boonsri loves science and documentaries, especially dealing with evolution and the concept of god and the universe.

Boonsri believes in both science and religion, which is a very rare combination in today’s time.

Boonsri is very much interested in the politics and he believes in finding a middle way between the religion and the science. Boonsri says that banning religions like the Communists did is not a solution, giving the religious institutions complete freedom in terms of religion is not a solution either. She says that the governments and the social organizations must first educate to the people that religions are fake and they should delete the idea from their mind that they can change the beliefs of the people raised up with strict religious teachings. Boonsri says that the government should punish the parents that enforce religious beliefs and teachings on their children including taking them along to the religious venues with them without the child’s will.

Boonsri accuses the alliance of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan has been working in order to destroy Sri Lanka and Pakistan but they will not succeed as long as the Pakistan has nuclear weapons which they already are aware of and hence they are now planning to destroy the nuclear weapons of Pakistan.

Boonsri says that the ban of Student’s Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in 2007 proved that the democracy of India is a false affair.

Boonsri recently started a women’s clothing brand with the money she won with betting on and she couldn’t be any happier. She is so happy that she bought her kids their favorite toys which the kids believed their mother will never buy for them.

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