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Salon worker turned into a salon owner with the money she won betting on Sakong

There hasn’t been a single month of the summer seasons win the past 14 years when Bianka Sousa didn’t get a pedicure for herself. Bianka used to work at one of the most expensive salons in her city until about two years ago until one fine day she discovered a secret to double her money. About 3 years ago, Bianka came into touch with this online Sakong agent (agen sakong online) and that moment in her life changed her life forever for the better.

It was about 2 years ago when Bianka stopped working at the salon she used to work at and started a salon of her own with the money she made betting on trusted Sakong websites.

Bianka claims that nobody can trim and fill the toe nails like herself.

Bianka has been dating this gentleman for the past 6 months who owns a popular company whose main business is manufacturing moisturizing cream.

Bianka and her current boyfriend have several things in common for example they both agree on the point that only sick and attention-seeking people wish to become rich and famous whereas intelligent and sensible people always wish to become better in as many different aspects of life as possible.

Bianka recently bought a Toyota Yaris and she brags that a beautiful blonde driving a Toyota Yaris gets more attention than a guy driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

Bianka’s fiance owns a Ferrari GTC4L;usso but he only drives it once a week to numb and soothe his brain. He uses his regular Nissan Altima as his daily driver rest of the week.

Bianka has a hobby of learning new languages and after she is done learning Chinese and Japanese, she has been trying to learn Arabic but she says that it is much harder to learn the Arabic language for a Spanish speaker compared to the Chinese and Japanese.

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