Businesswoman claps each time she wins a bet online

Paola Ellis owns a nationwide spread car polish business. Paola recently talked to a pornstar about her car’s rear being wider than the front, she misunderstood it for her own body.

Paola is very much interested in the politics and she says that they need to find a real combination of democratic and republican government in order to find a government that can really solve the problems of the most and eliminate the curse called religion from the world.

Paola claims that Russia and India still have an alliance as strong as they did during the first Prime Minister of India – Nehru’s period. She says that the Russia and India have been playing a double game with the United States of America but they will not go far enough as USA’s CIA is better than ever before and they are already having a doubt about it, they just need to make themselves sure about it.

Paola’s son recently founded an online company and Paolo was so happy about it that she pat him on his back at least couple of times that day and also gave him a small party. This son of Paola used to work at a chemistry lab but hated it before finding this company of his own and his hatred towards that job was the real motivation for him to find this company.

Paola claims that the growing racism in South Africa is a political conspiracy of the European Union in order to take over their goldmines which the world will get to learn soon enough when the European Union will in reality take over those goldmines.

Paola has this extremely weird habit of clapping whenever she is extremely happy, she claps each time when she wins a bet online (Judi Online).

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