Successful vending machine business owner looks for free slot machines all the time

Adrian Langton is an online gambling enthusiast who himself owns a vending machine business and although Adrian is the owner of a successful vending machine business, he himself looks for slot machines for free all the time.

Adrian’s wife – Natasha is a kitchen counter designer who is obsessed with politics. Natasha claims that most Palestine Liberation Organizations are the puppets of the USA-Israel Alliance and their reality will soon be realized or revealed.

Natasha says that the current modern democracy cannot be the ultimate political system and sooner or later, they will come up with something more refined but this will not happen for nothing. The people will have to do a lot of struggle and sacrifice just like they always have done.

Natasha says that the propaganda against Pakistan in reality is the propaganda against the only Islamic nuclear weapon in the world. Natasha believes that the powers that rule the world want to destroy the only Islamic nuclear power in the world and there is no doubt that they are succeeding at it, continuously.

Natasha also claims that she has the secret information that the present King of Cambodia wants Cambodia to be a part of Akhand Bharat (Unbroken India), but the common people of Cambodia will not let him do so.

Natasha also says that instead of promoting free trade, the governments of most countries have been doing the opposite and the money is going into the pockets of the multinational corporations indirectly, which is their ultimate aim.

Natasha says that having good looks seems to be the most important factor for winning elections in the current times. She likes to give example of Justin Trudeau in this case and also that of Bill Clinton in the past.

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