Used to work as a salesman at a car dealership, now owns one of his own and GCLUB is a part of it

Phil Allen used to work as a salesman at a car dealership until he managed to have one of his own and there is no doubt that the money that he kept winning all the time with GCLUB played a role in helping in find him his own car dealership

Phil also regularly blogs about car related stuff. Phil says that K-cars can do well in the USA and Canada as well now if the Suzuki tries hard enough this time. Phil doesn’t see the future of the Honda or any other brand including Mitsubishi in the K-car category anywhere in North America. Phil says that the foremost reason why he sees the bright future of K-cars in the North America is because they have more immigrants than ever before there, especially in Canada. The immigrants, especially the Chinese, Korean and Indian ones can easily fit inside a K-car and the people of these countries are notorious for being frugal as well and these K-cars without a doubt provide marvelous fuel efficiency.

Phil claims that he knows about a Sudanese youngster who is working on building the greatest ever off-road SUV. Phil says that he also the information that this Sudanese youngster is going to name this SUV – ‘Sahara’.

Phil has found a new love in horses and he says that he is learning and checking whether it is feasible for him to have a couple of those.

Phil finds Infinitis more fun to drive than the BMWs and says that Infiniti is definitely the most underrated luxury car manufacturer.

Phil wonders why in more than 30% of the cases, it is a Honda Accord in which someone is found shot dead.

Phil says that a SUV is a Pseudo-SUV if it cannot seat at least 7 people.

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