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French-Indian woman works for Sarao Motors as a photographer and when she is not clicking photos, she is placing bets

Denisa Maini started as a photographer for Renault France and then she got the opportunity to work for Sarao Motors in Philippines for double the salary which Denisa rejoiced with. Denisa knows a lot about the automobiles and she has only two passions in her life – 1. Online Gambling and 2. Automobiles.

Denisa’s most favorite online betting website goes by the name – thien ha bet.

Denisa recently started blogging about the automobiles. She says that Direct Injection technology should be renamed to Direct Rip-Off technology.

Denisa eats nothing but berries and nuts. Denisa says that eating such diet makes her very creative, smart and also gives her intuitive capabilities.

Denisa says that while buying a car – Indians care about the fuel economy, Americans about the speed and quickness, Europeans about the reliability, Japanese about the durability and the Chinese have been making so much money lately that they only care about the looks and brand value.

Denisa believes that only heartless people don’t get attached to their cars or clothes.

Denisa is also interested in philosophy and she believes that Descartes was the best ever western philosopher. Denisa also believes that the best philosophy ever is the Jewish philosophy. Denisa says while philosophers around the world have mostly been some of the most life-negative confused people, the case is opposite for the Jewish philosophers, Denisa says that the Jewish philosophers are mostly pro-life and clear about everything that they said or wrote.

Denisa says that Nissan has had over ten failed major attempts to impress the Filipino buyers, now they should leave the Filipino market and focus the same energy, resources and time somewhere else where they are already well-established or can really have a successful journey. Denisa says that same is the case with the Nissan automobiles in India and they should leave the Indian market as well. Denisa doubts that it has something to do with the Indian CEOs perhaps as the CEO of both Nissan India and Nissan Philippines are Indian.

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